All You Need To Know About Flat Back Earrings

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Flat Back Earrings

Every woman like dressing up no matter her age. From clothes to shoes, and accessories, they like upgrading their wardrobe with the latest fashion trends. When it comes to accessories, nothing can beat the charm of the right pair of flat back earrings. From making you look attractive to bold and beautiful, earrings are one of the most vital jewelry pieces that complete your overall look. Be it a corporate event, a family gathering, or a friend’s birthday party, perfect earrings amp up your personality and make you stand out in the crowd. Are you looking for earrings for your daily wear? Want to buy something stylish and classy? Then, look no further than Flat Back Earrings.

Whether traditional, formal, or casual, flat-back earrings can go well with each of your looks. From making you feel comfortable all day long to looking attractive, earrings with a flat back must be part of every women’s closet. That’s not all!

Keep reading the blog to know all about flat-back earrings.

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An Overview Of Flat Back Earrings

An Overview Of Flat Back Earrings

Over the last few years, earrings with a flat back have gained immense popularity in the fashion world. Everyone from Hollywood to Bollywood celebrities is often captured wearing these earrings. These types of earrings offer a whole host of benefits like 

  • You can wear them virtually in any piercing that does not need a barbell or ring
  • Ideal for people prone to metal allergies
  • Your hair or clothes won’t get stuck with flat backs 
  • Easier to clean and maintain 
  • You can wear them all day long whether sleeping, cooking, or bathing
  • Super comfortable to wear
  • You can wear them in both fresh or healed piercings
  • Available in a wide variety of lengths to fit your requirements 
  • Easy to wear headphones or earphones 
  • Ideal for women with cartilage, labret, or traditional lobe piercing 

Tips To Wear Flat Back Earrings Like A Pro

Tips To Wear Flat Back Earrings Like A Pro

If you have made up your mind to be part of the flat-back era, then go ahead. However, you may feel a little difficult to wear these earrings on your first try. Still, it is not as difficult as it sounds. 

Listed below are some simple tips you can follow to wear flat back earrings like a pro.

  • Wear a normal earring in the ear hole for some time to make sure that the hole gets widened
  • Take a hot shower before wearing the new flat back earring to make sure your earlobes get relaxed and flexible
  • Grease your piercing and flat back earrings with a vaseline or similar product so that the earring can easily go into the hole
  • Gently push the earring into the piercing 
  • Avoid twisting your earring so much else it will be difficult for you to put the earring into the hole
  • Secure the earrings so that they don’t fall off
  • Clean your earrings regularly
  • Make sure to clean your earwax regularly to avoid dust and dirt reaching your earrings

Types Of Flat Back Earrings

Flat Back Earrings Types

Earrings with a flat back are perfect for everyday wear. Unlike butterfly back earrings, they don’t poke you and make you feel comfortable all day long.

There are mainly two types of flat back earrings available on the market: threadless and threaded. Let’s understand each type in detail.

  • Threadless flat backs: Also known as push pin flat backs, threadless flat backs are the go-to option if you are looking for comfort. They are screwed into your ear from the back. After that, a post attached to the stud is inserted into the labret backing at the front of the ear. Then you should bend the short post to create friction and secure the stud on the ear. The best thing about these flat backs is that you don’t feel the post at all. 
  • Threaded flat backs: They are somewhat similar to butterfly earrings. They come with a top having a screw attached to the bottom. These are inserted into the ear from the back. The short threaded post attached to the stud is placed into the threaded flat backing tubing at the front of the ear and tightened into the backing for a secure fit. 

However, please note that while bathing or sleeping these earrings may get loose and fall off. To avoid this, make sure to tighten them after every few days so that they can stay in place securely.

In The End…

Over a couple of years, flat back earrings have been trending like crazy. They are ideal for every skin type and you can wear them without worrying about pain or discomfort. Hopefully, now you have got enough reasons to buy flat back earrings

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