6 Stunning Accessories of Summer 2022 You Need To See!

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accessories of summer 2022

Fashion in 2022 is a little much. A little bold and glaring and sometimes uncomfortable. The Y2K trend pushed by gen Z is nostalgic and fun, but not super comfortable. On the flip side, Covid-19 restrictions have ushered in the love of athleisure wear and loungewear. Read on to learn how these fashion trends have translated into accessories of summer 2022.

Accessories of Summer 2022

Reversible Bucket Hats

reversible bucket hat with pool print

This is actually my favorite comeback in 90’s fashion for summer 2022. Bucket hats are practical, protect you from the sun, and are just all-around fun. The array of patterns and fabrics to choose from is incredible.

two women with large straw lifeguard hats

Celebrities have been wearing bucket hats made with jeans, holographic tinfoil, and even faux-fur. But the best bucket hats are reversible like these on Etsy.

Wrestler-style 90’s sunglasses

accessories of summer 2022

Have you seen these on the street yet? They’re crazy and silly and amazing. The most famous brand making this style of sunglasses is Pit Vyper, but you can find cheaper pairs floating around the internet.

Other popular sunglasses styles accessories of summer 2022 include frameless neon-colored roundies, and bold acetate cat-eye.

Boho kimono dresses

boho kimono dresses

Boho is back, baby! Bohemian, flowing, silky dresses are definitely becoming more popular. But a unique update in the boho category has been kimono-cut dresses in bohemian floral patterns. These thin and breezy pieces are perfect for layering in the chilly spring, and a great bikini coverup accessory of summer 2022.

These Boho kimonos are one the best accessories of summer 2022 and can be ultra-fancy, with designer patterns and fabrics such as silk or linen. Or there are less expensive options in rayon or cotton. The main thing is that they are open and tied at the waist, allowing for layering. And the pattern must be floral and ideally neutral, in natural pastel tones. Think 90’s farm girl vibes.

Some boho kimonos are dressed up with multi-layer hems, tassels, or ruffled sleeves. They can be maxi floor-length, midi-length, or even short. One excellent pairing I’ve seen on a runway was a short kimono with a teal floral print, layered over a jean mini dress. Mini dresses are also very in this year, going along with the beloved Y2K trend. And a kimono dress pairs wonderfully with a mini dress!

Natural Stone Bracelets for Crystal Healing

stone crystal bracelets in a stack

Crystal healing as a form of mental wellness and an aid to meditation is all the rage right now. For many people, you wouldn’t catch them walking down the street without their rose-quartz necklace or going to bed on a full moon without charging their crystals in a salt tray. For some of you, this may sound like jibberish. But a huge part of our population is becoming more and more aware and interested in crystal healing. In accessories of summer 2022, give this accessory a try with a natural crystal anklet or a mala necklace.

Crystal healing goes back centuries. In Japan, Reiki is the form of healing often employed with crystals like amethyst, citrine, and jasper. Basically, if one puts good intentions into their stones and recited affirming mantras, they can help calm and heal their mind and body. Each type of crystal has unique properties, and each individual crystal or piece of jewelry made from crystals is also thought to have distinct energy.

Leaving stones out at night under a full moon in a tray of salt is the go-to method of “charging” crystals, aka getting rid of the old vibes and leaving room for good ones. I’m no expert, so if you’re interested in crystal healing, look for more thorough articles, or even take a course in reiki!

Straw Lifeguard Hats

woman and a lion on safari with a lifeguard hat on in kenya

UV rays cause wrinkling and aging! This cannot be allowed! Not to mention the increased risk of melanoma and other illnesses linked to sunburns. So in 2022, celebs are wearing wider brims. The dopest style I’ve come across is lifeguard straw hats. They’re natural, durable, and adorable. I had never seen a huge straw hat on anyone other than sexy lifeguards at Venice Beach, but then I started to see a trickling of them on the beaches and walkways in 2021, and in 2022 they are sure to be a hit and many favorites among the list of accessories of summer 2022.

Maasai Beaded Bracelets

maasai bead bracelets on a display rack

This has to be the most unique of the accessories of summer 2022. These beadwork and handmade accessories are becoming more and more favored as people become tired of factory-made mass produces fast fashion. The Maasai, a tribe in east Africa, have honed their skills for beadwork for centuries. Their bracelets are woven with thousands of tiny beads and take hours or days of meticulous work. It’s difficult to book a flight and get to a Maasai village market, not to mention exhausting, hot, and dusty. But some Etsy sellers have them on their online shop.

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