Where is Jacques O’ Neill After Love Island 2022?

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Jacques O’Neill, a fan favourite from Love Island, famously joined Love Island 2022 as a bombshell as well as the ex-boyfriend of Gemma Owen. Since Jacques departed the villa, there has been a lot of talk about him online and off, but after his appearance on Love Island: Aftersun, people started to get really worried. After Jacques love island admitted to having mental difficulties during the production of the talk show spin-off, many viewers expressed worry for his well-being on social media.

But as his mental health suffered at Casa Amor, he opted to leave Love Island. Despite leaving Love Island early, he is still benefiting from it. He’s been keeping himself rather busy, what with getting together with other islanders and securing a big contract.

In case you forgot, Jacques’s first serious girlfriend was named Paige Thorne. But once Cumbrian rugby star Adam Collard moved in, the 23-year-old former player opted to leave the property (and Paige and Adam became a thing). At a later date, he discussed his desire to “get back to himself” after struggling with his health on the show.

Jacques’s Trip To Love Island In 2022

Fans speculated that Jacques would join the villa in an attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend Gemma, but instead, he ended up connecting with and coupling up with stunner Paige. Despite some conflict caused by Jay’s desire to get to know Paige, the pair continued to flourish up until Casa Amor. Despite Cheyanne’s best efforts, Jacques opted to maintain his relationship with Paige.

The news of his actions did not go over well, and soon it appeared that their relationship was finished. However, they eventually began to make progress again.

For how long did Jacques O’Neil and Gemma Owen go out together?

Jacques O'Neil and Gemma

Among the first villa’s show-stopping visitors was Jacques, who dated fellow islander Gemma (now married to Luca).

Early on in the show, Gemma told everyone she knew on the island every detail about her relationship with her ex. She said that their eight-month romance took place a year and a half ago. This put Jacques at age 21, and Gemma at age 16 or 17. Fans, already worried about Gemma’s age (19), reacted strongly to news of her relationship with Davide, who is seven years older. Despite that, the ex-boyfriend twist did elicit some very hilarious responses from the audience. Although they lasted a year apart from the villa, the couple did not make the cut for the list of Love Island still together.

His Mental Health Issues Post Love Island 2022

Since his departure, Jacques love island has claimed that his mental health has improved and that he has many exciting plans ahead. However, as his admirers have noticed, none of these plans involves Paige, since he has removed all mention of her from his Instagram account.

Ever since then, not only has he amassed one million followers on Instagram(opens in new tab), but he has also partnered up with another ex-islander Scott Thomas and is rumoured to be on the verge of making a fortune. In addition, he has taken proactive measures to improve his mental health by disclosing that he has begun counselling.

Jacques Of Love Island: Where Has He Been?

Jacques has addressed his mental health issues and his contentious behaviour on the show since leaving the villa.

After he had left the villa, he wrote, “I’ve had time to dwell on my time being in there, and if I’m going to be fully honest I wasn’t psychologically prepared for how it was going to be at all—underestimated it greatly!”

The celebrity said, “There were moments I couldn’t watch how I was speaking and acting in certain situations, but I’m pleased I have seen it because it’s truly opened my eyes and it’s time to work on myself for myself.” As an added bonus, he thanked everyone for their support and informed his followers that he was doing much better now.

Since then, Jacques has been seen enjoying a lovely breakfast with fellow season eight-star Antigoni and their moms, generating relationship suspicions between the two.

However, Jacques got himself into trouble again only a few days after the Love Island 2022 finale when he was accused of “bullying” Luca Bish during a live stream chat in which they discussed Remi Lambert.

jacques instagram

Jacques love island issued a statement on Instagram, reading, “I just want to acknowledge the situation that’s happening right now and apologize if my behaviour over the previous few weeks has caused offence or been misconstrued.” He went on to say that he had recently begun treatment in order to better himself.

Along with reaching one million followers on Instagram, Jacques’s professional highlights include a new partnership with a native of a remote island.

Scott Thomas, a contestant on Love Island’s second season, told the Sun that the show’s breakout star is now being handled by his firm, The Social PR.

It has been revealed by an anonymous source that Jacques’s future is bright professionally. He has been “in negotiations with several large sports broadcasters to be involved in presenting work off the back of his rugby career,” they said. Numerous clothing companies have expressed interest in him, and he has even been approached about appearing on television.

This might make him a billionaire in the near future, but what really drives Jacques is the opportunity to spread awareness about ADHD and mental health.

Who is Jacques dating?

Isabel Raad, a Norwegian influencer (and total stunner, FYI), is presently residing with Jacques in Manchester, where the two have started dating. A source has said that the new couple has “great promise” after fans spotted them at an event together at the weekend.

The insider said, “Isabel is highly popular in Norway and has a tremendous following. She has found a great companion in Jacques and is loving her stay in the UK with him. Friends of Isabel worry things may be serious because she is here frequently.

Well, there are many rumours that are going around, however, Jaques hasn’t made anything official. Fans are waiting desperately for Jacques’s love island to come out with exciting news about his career and relationship plans.

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