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building websites for businesses

Welcome to the article that will take you step by step in building a business website. This article is your place to examine, be interested and explore whether you can take on this weighty task or perhaps it is better to leave it to the experts. One way or another, Our web design is happy to present to you the steps for building websites for businesses. It’s time to fasten your seat belts because we’re taking off.

Who Needs a Website?

Let’s start from the basics. A website for a business is a product, tool, and means of communication that every independent and visionary trader should have. Through these websites, you can market and promote your products and products, advertise and glorify yourself as independent workers in your field, create means of contacting potential clients, share the nature of the work and reveal the personal aspect of the business owner to his work. Building websites for businesses is suitable for those who have the time, resources and patience to commit to a process that in the end will have a tool for life, literally.

It All Starts With Research

When talking about building websites for businesses, it all starts with research. It is about market research, the number of consumers for the service or product of that business in the immediate environment of the business owner, what are the characteristics of the target audience, what is the volume of effective work possible for the business owner after publishing the website.

Experience and User Interface

This term is heard a lot in the high-tech community. UX\UI designers are solely responsible in this process for the design of the website, its hierarchical structure; the most suitable colour palette for the business owner, the product and the service offered; The design and characterization of the user’s interaction with the site – and all to keep the user on the site and turn him from someone who browses in search of services to a potential customer and an actual customer of the business. 

For anyone interested in doing this on their own, you need to know graphic design tools and have prior knowledge of building websites. In addition, designers and user experience experts characterize the site’s code according to its accessibility to open or closed code in Google searches and its accessibility to surfing on various electronic means such as cell phones and tablets. 

Determining the Type of Site

Websites for businesses can come in all colours, shapes and different structures: there are image websites that contain up to ten pages, landing sites and landing pages that are simple in their structure, up to E-commerce sites, index sites, boards and blog sites. Each of these sites comes with different needs for its construction, operation and maintenance:

  • Fast hosting server for the site
  • The cost of the domain name per year
  • Website maintenance according to the various construction platforms
  • Cyber ​​security services
  • Additional purchase, sale and secure payment options

Website Design

After a certain design line has been established for the business and a clear structure for the website, we have reached the stage where building websites for businesses becomes interesting and creative. The visual stage has arrived. At this stage, you take all the previous steps and bring them into expression. Icons and tabs are inserted according to the site’s needs, the selected colour palette is applied, each and every button is characterized, images are added and edited and in fact – the site is designed while making it accessible and easy to use for every surfer and customer. 

The written word

This step contains everything related to content for your website. It’s time to breathe life into all the pages of the site and fill them with content according to the page. At this stage of building websites for businesses, text must be entered that is adapted to the target audience the business is targeting, while maintaining sharpness, informativeness and encouraging the surfer to perform actions on the website. 

At this stage, tools of marketing writing and uploading organic promotion articles are used, using SEO laws and key phrases according to Google searches, so that from the moment your website goes online, it promotes itself.

Confirmation of Performance

This step refers to everything related to the control and verification of the proper functioning of the site. At this stage, QA experts who work in the Web Design team will adjust various plugins to the site that will help the site promote itself, test the speed and efficiency of the site, verify its suitability for surfing on mobile phones and verify the comfort of surfing according to the plan. 

Costs of Building Websites for Businesses

Each type of site has its own price tag. Image sites, landing pages and individual landing pages should not cost more than NIS 3,500. Since these sites do not have a large number of web pages; The design and characterization of the site are simpler and the main emphasis on these sites is the written content and organic promotion. On the other hand, sales sites will cost you at least NIS 8,000. These sites have a large number of web pages, payment functions, work and outsourcing of many services such as credit clearing, content updating, and product updating; Which makes all its peripheral maintenance not cheap at all, and it doesn’t matter if it’s through a company or by yourself. 

According to what is said about sales sites, index sites and board sites such as wanted, second hand, apartment boards or car boards can reach a price of hundreds of thousands of shekels if necessary. These are sites that can accommodate the traffic of tens and hundreds of thousands of surfers per day. For that matter, these websites require fast and high-quality storage, fast and convenient access to the home page, easy navigation and search options, construction of personal areas for users and many other factors.

Additional Needs

When a website is built for a business, it is not enough to establish a website that runs properly. Now, when there is a living and breathing website, it is necessary to provide a technical response to the surfers, technical support for the business owner of the website, content updating, verification of plugins and dynamism in the design according to the development of the business or its change. Building websites for businesses, all of them alike, just starts with setting up and running the website. The real wisdom is to provide the most comprehensive support envelope possible for website surfers, the business owners represented on the website and the external parties who work with the website.

Building Websites for Businesses With Our Web Design Company

In our company, every process of building a website for a business will begin with research and building a branding and marketing strategy. It is important for us to start by building a common language with each of our clients, And together build the language of the business and its brand. Whether the business owner is the service provider, which makes it a brand, or his products, with us the website-building process begins when the product is at the centre, and everything is built around it and for it. 

Our Web Design Company offers website design services to any business that wants to take its performance to the next level, in combination with building a website together with our small, family team; which refers to the success of the websites we build as our personal success. This mutual process spurs us on, motivates us and pushes us to achieve and break boundaries in every project, every time.

How to Begin

As you can see, building a website for a business is a complex process that includes working with many parties besides the independent work that can be done. If you, the readers of this guide, own a business and think you can handle this task yourself, we wish you great success. For those who are afraid of this process – contact us today.

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