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On the internet, there are numerous customer review sites. Here is a list of the Top 8 Business Review websites you should visit in order to optimize your business and improve your company’s reputation.

Today, business review websites are an essential part of the customer purchasing journey. Purchasers make snap decisions about a company based solely on business reviews — without ever calling, visiting your store, or visiting your website.

Customer reviews are pieces of feedback given to a company based on their experience with the company. These reviews can be public or private, and they are gathered by the company or third-party business review websites. Businesses can measure customer satisfaction and improve customer relations by collecting and analysing customer reviews on the business review websites admin or dashboard that manages the business listings.

Business Review Websites

  1. Google Reviews


    google business review websites

    Google Reviews is a free feature that allows Google to collect information from customers who have purchased anything from your website. Google company reviews provide free customer input and research. Even negative consumer feedback might be valuable. They also provide important information on what steps should be taken.

    All you have to do is to respond to the negative review with an honest promise to rectify the situation as soon as possible. This is by far the commonly used business review website as it uses the geo-location feature and offers users to review a business as soon as they visit the physical location of the business.

Benefits of Google Business Review website

  • Google Business Reviews Boost Brand Credibility.
  • Google Business Reviews help Local SEO and Online Visibility.
  • Google Business Reviews serve as a feedback loop and a source of customer data.
  • Use Google Reviews to increase the number of people who click on your website.
  • As a result of Google reviews, more customers convert.

Limitations of Google Business Review website

  • Limited support
  • There is no requirement for reviewers to leave a comment alongside their rating.
  • With limited authentication, almost anyone can leave a Google Review.
  • The ability to detect fraud is limited.
  1. Trusted Business Reviews


    trusted business reviews websites

    Trusted Business Reviews is among the most trusted business review websites that can assist people in locating reliable businesses, brands, and goods. By encouraging honest and responsive interactions between businesses, sellers, and customers, they build consumer trust and create a trustworthy marketplace for all Actual People and Genuine Reviews, assisting buyers and customers in discovering the finest business. TBR is a non-profit website dedicated to assisting customers in finding the finest products and services.

    The best part about the business review website is that just like google reviews it is free to use for users as well as business owners. Users can list or suggest any business they know a few details about and as soon as owners saw the listing on this business review website they can claim the listing by uploading the documents or completing the business ownership.

    As a user, the best part I loved about this business review website is that they don’t delete user reviews based upon any corporate program that pays the business review website and get hold of all negative reviews.

Benefits of Trusted Business Reviews

  • Help you improve your business, products, and services.
  • Improves your SEO organic search ranking.
  • Increases sales and raises your conversion rate.
  • 100% free to use.
  • Also, help other consumers decide which businesses to use.

Limitations of Trusted Business Review

  • On this business review website, you must maintain reviews up to date and update listings. Otherwise, they’ll appear outdated and irrelevant.
  • More versatility in analytics would be advantageous.
  • The most significant issue with any company review website is that not all of the reviews are positive. You have no choice in whether or not someone will leave you a negative review. While you can respond to them, it may be tough to erase the damage that a particularly negative review has caused.
  1. Yellow Pages


    yellow pages busniess reviewsYellow Pages is a business review website that strives to connect clients with excellent local businesses in order to make your life easier. Their online review and rating system allows users to share their experiences with others. It’s a great method to publicize a popular local business or to tell them they need to get their act together.

    Because of their pre-Internet publication and rapid Internet acceptance, the Yellow Pages are the most well-known company directory on the planet. Apart from Google, the Yellow Pages is likely the world’s largest business directory, with millions of enterprises and mostly used business review websites.

Benefits of Yellow Pages

  • When consumers are considering taking action or have already taken action, they turn to the Yellow Pages.
  • Long-Term Use
  • Accessibility: There are a variety of directories available. According to the Yellow Pages Publishers Association, consumers consult the Yellow Pages 19.4 billion times every year.
  • Traceable Responses
  • Audience Ready to Buy

Limitations of Yellow Pages

  • Considered antiquated
  • Difficult to Stay
  • Current Companies that relocate their physical sites are given their own Yellow Pages listings. As a result, if your company has grown, you’re likely to have a lot of registrations, only one of which is legitimate.
  • Claiming your business is costly, especially for new businesses with limited value flexibility. However, because the Yellow Pages still receives a significant number of monthly searches, it may be a valuable investment for your company. Otherwise, you can regularly check on your business to see whether it has been put there with positive reviews.
  1. Trust Pilot

    trust pilot business review website

    Trust Pilot is a leading customer review platform that offers easy review solutions to assist businesses of all sizes to gain more reviews and market their brands. It offers easy-to-read customer satisfaction numbers as well as specific comments from individual customers. Trust Pilot is a solely business review website that collects and disseminates client opinion alongside corporate data.

    Every month, more than 4 million reviews of Trust Pilot’s 529,000+ businesses are shared to help people find great businesses and make better buying decisions. The stars on Trust Pilot are more than just a rating; they demonstrate to the rest of the world that your customers adore you and that you adore them and its users trust this business review website more than any other reviews on the web.

 Benefits of Trust Pilot

  • It accelerates the process of collecting feedback from customers.
  • Trust Pilot provides notification systems that can be used to convey critical review information to the target people within the firm based on some criteria.
  • Companies may use Trust Pilot review analytics data to identify what their customers enjoy best about them, and then use that information to build brand pillars.
  • The platform can assist customers in making more informed purchases to fulfill their demands.
  • Its website’s user interface provides for fluid data viewing and analysis.

Limitations of Trust Pilot

  • Does not support the ability to run custom reports on what customers are saying by pulling keywords.
  • Would be good to have more customization when it comes to analytics.
  • It took a while to understand certain dynamics, but after the first few uses, it becomes more understandable.
  • The dashboard could use some better UI- navigating the user interface on the website to get what you need can be confusing.
  • Cost is a little higher for more businesses.
  1. YELP


    yelp business reviewsPeople can find wonderful local companies using Yelp. Yelp leads the user’s list among widely used business review websites. Yelp is a review and social networking service based on user-generated data from the cloud. It has dedicated websites where Yelp customers can rate their products or services on a scale of one to five stars. Former PayPal employees created YELP as an organization that assists startups in gaining control of the resources they require to develop.

    The Yelp app uses user-generated content to deliver fairly trustworthy information about companies. Its short digest format is great for mobile consumers looking for quick answers, suggestions, and directions. Yelp for Android is the most popular app in the world, with over 100 million reviews on businesses.

Benefits of YELP

  • Increase the Chance of Your Business: Many people use Yelp first when looking for a restaurant, auto-repair Company, or even a digital marketing agency. Having a good Yelp profile can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Get Customer Support: Yelp links people to amazing local businesses. You can easily request assistance from our experts via the app. To contact a customer support person by phone, simply click “Call us.”
  • Push notifications: Push notifications to keep you informed about significant occurrences on your Yelp page, such as new messages, reviews, and images.
  • Ease of Use: Yelp is rather simple to use. Customers don’t even need a username to look at Yelp’s reviews and information about businesses. This increases the likelihood that others will find your account through a relatively basic and straightforward signup process.

Limitations of YELP

  • Filtered Reviews: The most perplexing aspect of Yelp is the ability to sift through positive client surveys. Without a doubt, roughly 25% of client surveys are not proposed and combed through by the calculation, according to Howl.
  • To advertise, businesses must pay for an improved listing: For some small firms, advanced Yelp advertising is prohibitively expensive. Although official pricing has not been published, an improved Yelp listing is believed to cost at least $350 as of December 2016. If you’re interested in advertising or upgraded listings, you should contact Yelp directly.
  • Inflation of lead: When it comes to what people think about a lead, Yelp isn’t always fair. A lead is defined by most entrepreneurs as a completed contact structure, an email, or a phone call. However, Yelp counts “drives” as transferred images, map views, snaps to your site, and bookmarks. Yelp tries to enlarge their lead ideas as a way of defending how much money they charge a business for using its administrations.
  1. Foursquare

    Foursquare business review websiteEverything starts with information of unrivaled quality and depth four square is on the list of other business review websites targeting local businesses. By combining the rich ascribes of over 105 million focal points globally with comprehending human growth from over 500 million devices, including first-party extremely long-lasting dashboards. Explorer is the device that connects these datasets by sifting individual data and spotting information.

    Pioneer is their selective superpower that accurately and consistently recognizes verified visits before going to gather information from billions of human affirmations. The Media Survey Board believes that its approaches are the only ones that are effective. This stage is in charge of all of our responses, both those that exist now and those that we haven’t yet concocted.

Benefits of Foursquare

  • Quickly observe anything you truly want: Foursquare can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in your environment quickly. Simply type in the type of foundation you’re looking for (cafés, dance clubs, anything in a specific city, etc.) and it will show you what’s closest to you that suits your criteria. If you download the app, you can quickly carry it with you and use it to locate everything around you while you’re away.
  • Avoid irritation and fraud: Because Foursquare offers customer audits and tips, you can learn about a business or location before you even visit it. A location will never deceive you into believing you are doing something you are not because real people have gone there, examined it, and told you exactly what to expect.
  • The more you use it: The more it learns about your preferences. The more you use Foursquare, the more precise suggestions it can make. Overall, it aids you in identifying places you would enjoy based on places you already enjoy! This is especially beneficial when visiting another city, as Foursquare can recommend places to visit based on the people you like in the area.

Limitations of Foursquare

  • There aren’t as many surveys as there are various locations: While Foursquare is useful for watching organizations and interesting things you could like, it doesn’t have as many users as more established places like TripAdvisor.com. Few organizations are added to their database, and (as a result) fewer surveys are available to assist you.
  • Continuous Spam: A few users use the site’s advice and audit section to promote their own businesses, even if it has nothing to do with what you’re looking for on Foursquare. Additionally, business owners can include phone audits of their operations, so be wary of any survey you believe is really legitimate.
  1. Reviews Peeper

    Reviews Peeper

    Reviews Peeper is a digital platform established that provides services to help small businesses prosper and expand. By claiming their business digitally and employing SEO, Reviews Peeper assists small businesses in reaching their full potential and discovering new clients. Reviews Peeper assists small business owners in becoming more competitive in their fields. Our vibrant community is built on Authenticity, which motivates us to be the best versions of ourselves. Every step of the way, we invest in our employees’ professional growth, provide generous benefits, and celebrate our diverse perspectives. You’ll know what it’s like to question the status quo the moment you walk into a Reviews Peeper workplace.

Benefits of Reviews Peeper

  • Helps small businesses expand their customer base.
  • Can assist you in determining the nature of a customer’s issue.
  • Your company can be listed for free.

Limitations of Reviews Peeper

  • You’re responsible for keeping reviews and listings current on this business review website. To avoid looking out of date and irrelevant, they must be kept up-to-date.
  • Negative reviews are the most pervasive problem with any company review website. Whether or not someone leaves a bad review is out of your control. The damage that a particularly bad review has done may be difficult to undo, even if you reply.
  1. Facebook Reviews

    Facebook recommendations are the formal name for Facebook reviews. Local companies can use Facebook reviews to boost their online presence, particularly on Facebook. Basically, Facebook reviews improve search appearance and help you to attract more traffic to your business. Facebook reviews are critical for small businesses because potential buyers frequently study local businesses on social media before making a purchase.

Benefits of Facebook Reviews

  • It helps small companies reach a wider organic audience.
  • Businesses may boost their trustworthiness.
  • Businesses can maintain a positive and direct relationship with their customers.
  • Because of Facebook reviews, customers’ trust is swiftly created.

Limitations of Facebook Reviews

  • Online reputation management encompasses more than just Facebook reviews.
  • Private reviews will not display on your page.
  • In Facebook recommendations, customer service is restricted.
  • Facebook reviews aren’t favored under “Reviews from the web.”

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