The Steady Rise of Football Player, Yankuba Minteh

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Yankuba Minteh

19-year-old professional footballer, Yankuba Minteh, is a Gambian player who has joined the League of Club Players. The teenager also plays for his country’s national team. Little is known about this fast-rising and competent football player. To get to know further details about Yankuba Minteh private and professional lives, scroll down to continue reading.

Who is Yankuba?

Yankuba is a Newcastle United player and the current wing player for the Feyenoord club. The player was born and bred in the Gambia, West Africa in 2004.

Football Career

Yankuba Minteh took his first step as a professional football player in his home country by playing for a Gambian’s local club. Then in 2022, he moved to an international football club in Denmark, which marked a significant beginning for him. A few months after joining the club, he led his club to win against their opponent in a football tournament.

People were surprised as he made the goal three minutes after he joined the players on the field. This cemented his role in the team. During his time at the club, he made six assists and scored four goals. This all happened during his 17 appearances as a senior player in the club. Several months later, he left the Danish club and moved to another club.

Becoming a Member of Newcastle United

Yankuba joined Newcastle United after leaving Denmark. He was officially signed in July 2023 for millions of euros. The club also planned to loan Yankuba Minteh to Feyenoord for a year once he joined, and they did.

Playing for Feyenoord as a Borrowed Player

Yankuba is presently on loan at Feyenoord from Newcastle United for a year. He proved his worth when scored for his team for the first time in a September match. In addition, he has assisted in six games and scored three times. Unfortunately, Yankuba Minteh couldn’t play more matches as he got injured in October. He had to recuperate, and as a result, missed several training sessions and matches.

Yankuba as a National Player

A year ago, the Gambia National Team drafted Yankuba as one of the national team players. He joined the team to play against Liberia and Congo. This was his first time playing for the national team. Yankuba Minteh helped the team qualify for the ACN 2023 edition by scoring a winning goal.

UEFA Championship Participation

Yankuba was drafted to participate in the UEFA Championship to compete with other qualified players.

Interview Moments

Yankuba has had various interviews that enlighten the public about his personality. In one of his interviews at Feyenoord, Yankuba revealed that he loves the club, most especially the individuals there. He acknowledged that they are good and have positive vibes. This makes him want to work hard to meet the standards at Feyenoord, hence why he doesn’t miss training.

He further thanked the players and coaches who made his stay worthwhile by giving him advice and pointers. Yankuba Minteh stated that their advice helped him assimilate better into the team. Additionally, he appreciated how they always answered any questions he asked.

How Yankuba Feels Playing for Feyenoord

Yankuba, in an interview, confessed that it feels different to play at Feyenoord. He said that culture and playing technique is not the same as when he was in Denmark. This has pushed him to develop more mentally and physically within and outside the field. He also revealed how hard it was for him to adjust to a new playing culture. Thankfully, he could withstand the pressure and play seamlessly with other team members.

The Decision to Relocate and Play Outside the Gambia

Yankuba cited financial and a wider playing opportunity as his reasons for leaving Gambia. According to him, the pay there is better than what he earned while in the Gambia. This has helped him support his family back home in the Gambia.

In addition, playing in Europe has been one of his dreams from a young age. So getting a chance to be a UEFA player is a dream come through for him. Being an international player exposes him to lots of accessible resources and a better lifestyle. Yankuba also listed how the move improved his playing skills, physical ability, and thinking skills.

His decision to join Newcastle United

Yankuba informed the media that being among the top European clubs is the main reason he joined Newcastle United. In his words, every football player wants to be in the big team. So when he saw the offer to join, he accepted. For him to be accepted is a blessing he has been waiting for and promised not to misuse the opportunity. He went on to say there are young exceptional players like him there, so he needs to match the team’s pace.

Yankuba Minteh Idols

Yankuba Minteh has many accomplished players he looks up to. Some of them have played for Newcastle United, while others played for other clubs. They include renowned Messi, Miguel Almiron, Papiss Chase, Harem Ben Arfa, and so on. He cited their playing skills as what he admires most in all of them.


Finally, Yankuba Minteh attributed his fast running and dribbling skills as one of his strengths. He maintained that this has helped him a lot on the field. Yankuba stated that few defenders can withstand his dribbling skills on the field, and this has helped him score a lot. Not only that, but his ability to enjoy the game during competitions calms him down and makes him think rationally.

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