Roy Keane Net Worth – Football Legend’s Wealth Revealed

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Roy Keane Net Worth

Roy Keane is a 52-year-old retired Irish football player. Roy is currently a football coach and pundit. During his time as a professional player, he won nearly 20 trophies, a testament to his skills. Given his various achievements over the years, what is Roy Keane net worth? Find out below. This article will also delve into the life of Roy Keane.

Roy Keane, The Former Footballer

In his prime, Roy made history as one of the most successful football players in Ireland. He was a midfielder for Manchester United (Man Utd) and won 17 trophies for the club. He was so good that in 2004 FIFA’s Excellent Player List, football legend Pele listed him as an excellent player. In 2007, The Times named him one of the hardest football players ever due to his brash and hard personality. Then in 2021, authorities inducted Roy into the Hall of Fame for Premier League players. Being inducted has helped increase Roy Keane net worth and value.

Family History

Roy didn’t grow up with a silver spoon. His parents were working-class people who strived to provide the best for their family. He grew up in Ireland with his family members. Roy’s father worked several jobs that were available at that time, just to make ends meet. Despite their family’s condition, the parents encouraged Roy and his siblings to play any sports of their choice.

Interest in Boxing

When he was nine years old, Roy took an interest in boxing and registered for training. He was accepted in the novice league for boxing and even participated in novice matches and won them all. At the same time, he began to develop his football career and was already gaining a foothold in the country.

Interest in Football

During his first season as a footballer, he played well with his fellow young teammates. This earned him a “Player of the Year” Award. For him to excel in both boxing and football simultaneously at a young age showed his versatility as a sportsman. Unfortunately, while some of his teammates were allowed to have tryouts with international football teams, Roy wasn’t.

Understandably, this could have affected the young Roy, but he took it in good faith. The reason might be that Roy loved and supported players who played for his local clubs at that time. However, he later changed the player he admires to a Man Utd player.

Premier League Career

Roy’s professional career spanned 18 years, 14 of which he spent playing for Ireland at an international level. During his career, he played for two or more English clubs before he finally retired. He is noted for his competitiveness and aggressiveness while on the field. These traits made him succeed when he was made captain of the Man Utd club. Roy spent 12 at Man Utd and led the team to win back-to-back games, consecutively. Later on, he left Man Utd for Celtic club, played for a while, and thereafter retired.

World Cup Participation

Roy was part of his country’s (Republic of Ireland) home team and trained with them for more than a decade. As part of the team, he went with his teammates to represent the country in several FIFA World Cups. He not only played as a midfielder, but he was appointed as Captain of the team. The only time he didn’t participate in the World Cup was in 2002 when he had a disagreement with the team’s coach and was sent home.

Roy’s Private Life

Apart from being in the media as a sportsman, and later on in life as a football manager, Roy is very private. He keeps his family and children off the media. However, it is not a secret that Roy is happily married with children.

Roy’s Marriage

Roy has a wife named Theresa and five children. Theresa and Roy became husband and wife in a private ceremony in 1997. The family previously lived in Bowdoin when Roy was a Man Utd player. Later, they moved to another house before selling that one to build a multi-million dollar house.

After a while, the family wanted to be closer to Roy’s new club. As a result, they bought a property close to Woodbridge, then they left that property too and sold it. The ownership and subsequent sale of this property increased Roy Keane net worth.


Aside from being in the sports industry, Roy has tried his hands at other ventures, and one of them is writing. Roy wrote an autobiography and divided it into two parts. The first part was written by ghostwriter Eamon Dunphy for Roy and was published in 2002. Later on, Roy published the second part in 2014. The ghostwriter for the second part is Roddy Doyle. The autobiography was widely received and sold well. The book generated additional income for Roy, thereby increasing Roy Keane net worth.


Finally, Roy Keane net worth is estimated to be over millions of dollars, thanks to his football career. Roy acknowledged that his family support went a long way in shaping him to become who he is today. He revealed in an interview that his family loves to engage in any sporting activities, most especially football. Hence, he’s not the only athlete in the family, his cousins, uncles, and siblings were athletes too. He further stated that some of them even played for their local clubs in Ireland.

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