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Weymouth Beach

Planning a family or solo trip? Well, that’s a great idea to get some relief from your daily boring routine. Whether you want to spend some quality time with your nears and dears or want to spend some “ME” time, a trip is a perfect way to cater to all your requirements. From making you feel refreshed to offering peace of mind and relieving stress, travel offers a whole host of benefits. Short on destination options? Well, we have got your back. This year spend your vacations at Weymouth—a beautiful town in England. From a stunning Weymouth beach to delicious food cuisines, a travel-friendly atmosphere and pleasant weather, there are many reasons that make Weymouth an ideal destination for all travel lovers.

Be it an adventure lover, solo traveller or family trip, the place offers infinite opportunities to make the most of your trip. Well confused about what to do when in Weymouth. No worries!

In this blog, we have mentioned the top things to do in Weymouth. So, without waiting anymore, let’s begin. 

Top Things To Do In Weymouth 

  • Visit Weymouth Beach

Are you a beach lover? Looking for the perfect beach location to enjoy soaking up the Sun? Well, look no further than Weymouth beach. There are multiple things that you can enjoy while at Weymouth beach. This includes donkey riding, engaging in sand art, enjoying the trampoline and a lot more.

Refresh yourself with salty sea air while witnessing the beautiful sky-touching buildings along the Weymouth beach. That’s not all! You can enjoy having hot seafood and taking photos along the coastline. The soft sand, small pebbles and colourful huts make Weymouth Beach a picturesque haven to have seaside fun. 

You can take your kids to this family-friendly spot and enjoy quality time while cooling off in the cold water.

  • SEA LIFE Centre Weymouth


Just like Weymouth Beach, SEA LIFE Centre is another tourist attraction in Weymouth that you should not skip visiting. It is the perfect place to witness a vast variety of sea creatures like turtles, crocodiles, sharks and other marine animals. The place accommodates more than 1,000 marine animals in a spectacular ocean tunnel, where the sea is all around you.

Some other unique creatures are penguins, seals, seahorses and clownfish. You can even enjoy a boat ride with your friends and family members. Once you have witnessed all the sea creatures, you can enjoy rides with your kids at the adventure island section. The best thing is that the place is open all year round so there is not a specific month to enjoy watching sea animals. 

  • Explore Sub-Tropical Gardens

Sub-Tropical Gardens

Apart from Weymouth beach and sea life, there is a lot more to explore in Weymouth. The beautiful city of Weymouth is loaded with lush green gardens having exotic and unusual flowers.

One of the best gardens you should visit in Weymouth is Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens. This 18th-century garden is packed with unique plants and outstanding magnolia and camellia flowers. 

The sweet scents of flowers are more than enough to make you feel captivated and out of this world. You can visit the garden with your family and plan a picnic. There is also a restaurant so you need not worry about food and beverages. 

  • Try Delicious Food Items

Delicious Food

When in Weymouth, you cannot skip having local food cuisines. From cafes to restaurants and street stalls, the place is an ideal hub for all food lovers. Whether you are a vegetarian or non-veg lover, there is something for everyone. Some of the food items that you can try when in Weymouth are classic fish, chicken, falafel, avocado wrap and sticky toffee pudding to name a few.

From Italian to Asian, French and Continental, you will find dishes from different cuisines and places around the world. 

Whether you’re a die-hard food lover or just looking for a quick bite on your way to the Weymouth beach, you’ll find something tasty to make your stomach feel fuller. 

Weymouth Weather: Best Time To Visit

Weymouth Weather

You can visit Weymouth whenever you feel like it. However, the best time to visit Weymouth is anywhere between June to September as the weather is pleasant and comfortable to explore the city. 

If you like winter, you can visit during January, February or March.  

Let’s Wrap Up

Apart from the above you can visit Abbotsbury Swannery, explore Nothe Fort, enjoy shopping and do a lot of other things in Weymouth. The place offers infinite possibilities to make your trip memorable and special. However, when visiting Weymouth beach make sure to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh sun rays. 

We hope you have a memorable and enjoyable travel experience to Weymouth. Wishing you good luck with the trip. Have a safe and seamless travel experience.

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