5 Amazing Things to Do in Trafalgar Square (Tips from a Local Guide)

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London is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and Trafalgar Square is a prime spot for visitors to check out. With so much to see and do in this historic city, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, a local guide has got you covered. In this blog post, you’ll learn about some of the best things to do in Trafalgar Square, including some tips on where to find the best food and drinks. You’ll also learn about some of the interesting histories behind this iconic square. So read on and get ready to have your London experience kicked up a notch!

The National Gallery

If you’re a history buff, be sure to visit the National Gallery, which houses some of the world’s most renowned artworks. Don’t forget to take advantage of the free admission on Monday mornings! If you’re looking for something more interactive, try visiting the National Portrait Gallery, which features iconic British portraits from throughout history.

Another great option is to check out The fountains at Trafalgar Square. These beautiful waterworks are sure to impress and are perfect for a summer day spent in central London. Be sure to stop by The Ritzy Bar & Grill on your way out for a delicious bite!

Visiting the London Eye

the londo eye

One of the top attractions in Trafalgar Square is The London Eye. This giant Ferris wheel provides an incredible view of London from above and can be ridden for either a short ride or a longer walk around the entire circumference. For those with children in tow, there’s also a fun play area complete with swings and a climbing frame.


Explore Trafalgar square pubs

If you’re looking for a fun, laid-back pub to relax and enjoy a pint or two in the center of London, be sure to check out one of the Trafalgar Square pubs. Here are four great options to consider:

The Eagle & Child
This cozy little pub is perfect if you’re looking for an intimate atmosphere with good drinks. It’s popular with locals and visitors alike and has a wide selection of beers, wines, and spirits on tap.

The Ship
If you’re feeling thirsty after a long day of sightseeing or shopping in Covent Garden, head over to The Ship for some refreshing British ale. They have all sorts of traditional bar meals available too, like fish & chips or shepherd’s pie.

The Greyhound
This lively pub is perfect if you want to catch up with friends and watch some live sports. They have several large screens set up so you can catch all the action no matter what game it is. And don’t forget about their extensive food menu – everything from pizzas to burgers to kebabs is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

The Half Moon
If you’re looking for something more eclectic than the typical pub fare, The Half Moon should definitely be at the top of your list. This place offers an amazing range of drinks including cocktails, wine, and local craft beers. Plus, they’ve got something for everyone – from light snacks like quiches and salads

Top 10 rooftop bars Trafalgar square

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a summer evening, Trafalgar Square is the perfect spot. Here are 10 rooftop bars that will have you enjoying the view without breaking the bank.

1)The Roof at The Ritz Hotel:  This bar is located on the 36th floor of The Ritz hotel and offers stunning views of London landmarks including Big Ben and London Bridge. Prices start from £22 per person for drinks and nibbles.

2) The View at The Shard: Located on the 54th floor of The Shard, this rooftop bar offers 360-degree views of London’s skyline as well as unique cocktails made with locally sourced ingredients. Prices start from £27 per person for drinks and nibbles.

3) Balthazar Restaurant & Bar: This restaurant has an outdoor terrace that affords stunning views of Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column. Drink options include cocktails, wine, beer, and soft drinks starting from £15 per person.

4) Landmark Lounge: This lounge is located at 227 Haymarket and offers panoramic views of Trafalgar Square from its 15th floor terrace. It also has an indoor sports area, pool table, cinema room, piano bar and cigar lounge. Prices start from £22 per person for drinks and nibbles.

5) 12th Knot at Sea Containers London: 12th Knot is a stylish rooftop bar and lounge at the top of Sea Containers. Located not far from Blackfriars and Waterloo stations, and boasting stunning views of the Thames, this is a prime spot to soak in the sunset. While you take in the panoramic views of the city, you can enjoy a carefully selected list of wine and cocktails.

6) The Rooftop at Trafalgar St. James: Cocktails are key here. Loll on cushion-strewn banquettes over classic sundowners Sidecar and Aviation, or any of a dozen signatures. Skyline (pink grapefruit, raspberry and lavender bitters and pisco) is a swell Sour, while a bourbon, apple and tea syrup Taittinger Champagne cocktail is certainly our idea of ‘Teatime’. There’s a useful selection of wines by the glass, plus Asian-style bar.

7) Aqua Kyoto: Feel the vibe as you circumnavigate the central bar, past gorgeous kimono silk-padded booths, to reach the dramatic dining room with its showpiece sunken sushi bar crowned by an oversize red lantern. The clubby mood conjures up shades of Tokyo’s swanky Ginza district, likewise the menu’s luxurious bent. Go for broke by ordering king crab tempura with crab miso, Wagyu maki rolls and agedashi aubergine with roasted foie gras, or discover original creations ranging from chili yuzu lamb teriyaki with Japanese artichokes.

8) LSQrooftop: LSQRootop is located at London’s most iconic address – 1 Leicester Square, 9 floors above the vibrant streets of the buzzing West End.  By day or by night, we promise you one of the best views the city has to offer of the capital skyline.

9) Madera at Treehouse London: Boasting sweeping views of the capital and a bold reimagining of Mexican cuisine, Madera at Treehouse provides a winning combination for health-conscious Londoners in search of a hip hangout and a fresh, flavourful meal.

10) Radio Rooftop: Radio Rooftop is one of London’s most iconic venues situated on the 10th Floor of ME London, with striking views across the River Thames and London’s impressive skyline. From sunrise to sunset guests can enjoy the changing views of the capital stretching from the Shard and St Paul’s downstream, to the London Eye and Big Ben. The perfect setting for a casual lunch with family and friends or to impress business clients in a relaxed yet refined atmosphere.

Trafalgar Square Christmas tree

Trafalgar Square Christmas tree

If you’re visiting London during Christmas, look no further than Trafalgar Square! Here, you’ll find all the Christmas cheer you need, from a towering tree to festive markets and entertainment. From there, it’s up to you what you want to do – take in a performance at the Royal Albert Hall or stroll through the square’s many shops and cafes. In fact, here are five tips from a local guide on how to have the perfect Christmas in Trafalgar Square:

1. Arrive early: The best time to visit Trafalgar Square is during opening hours, which are typically 7 am-9 pm throughout December. This will give you plenty of time to enjoy all the sights and sounds of this iconic London landmark.

2. Take your time: Don’t rush through your visit – take your time walking around the square and taking in all the sights and sounds of Christmas Eve in London. The sights and smells of festive treats baking in nearby bakeries will soon send you into holiday mode!

3. Get ready for some crowds: As always, during the Christmas season, Trafalgar Square can get quite crowded. If this isn’t your thing (or if you’re short on time), consider visiting another day or evening when crowds aren’t as heavy.

4. Have fun: Finally, remember that Christmas is about having fun! So don’t be too serious – loosen up and enjoy yourself! There’s plenty to see and plant to shoot for your Instagram stories.

View of Big Ben from Trafalgar Square, London

If you’re looking for a view of London’s iconic Big Ben from Trafalgar Square, be sure to check out the statue’s observation deck. The square is also a great place to catch a performance by the London Symphony Orchestra or take in some street art.


If you’re looking for things to do in Trafalgar Square, look no further! Our local guide has put together a list of 12 fun and informative things to do in Trafalgar Square that will help you get the most out of your visit. From catching a show at the O2 Theatre to shopping at some of London’s top boutiques, our guide has it all covered. Be sure to check it out below!

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