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The League’s Victory: Tam Sellic Son Shames BBC Scotland

For some reason, Celtic supporters were tweeting with excitement on Friday, anticipating the BBC Scotland show about Ange Postecoglou’s team’s SPFL Premiership victory. 

Believing that the broadcaster, who frequently teams up Steven Thompson with Kenny Miller and Richard Foster and believes he has a personality, could accurately portray how the 21/22 title was won, is a significant leap of faith. 

Sometimes, BBC Scotland Sport decides that it’s preferable to leave Tom English, Kenny Macintyre, and Alasdair Lamont on the radio, so James Dishwater McFadden takes calls for added spice. 

Another BBC Scotland favourite is Shelley Kerr, along with Pistol Pete Lovenkrandts. However, they had to endure last season as Celtic overcame a shaky start to win 27, draw 5, and finely capture the title. 

Wins in the Glasgow derbies in February and April—two games that are extremely difficult to edit for the public broadcaster—were part of that streak.


The Banter Years are returning after a year of slumber. Possibly larger and more impressive than before, with new content added every day.

One of the most inventive people on Twitter, Tam Sellic Son, captures the atmosphere of the place with his unique twists and modifications.

The second half of the game at Ibrox last night will be remembered for a very long time, maybe starting a sequence of events akin to what happened in 2011.

With close-up views of the players and supporters being jeered off at the final whistle, Premier Sports did the game credit.

Ally McCoist, the brains behind the 2012 liquidation that was brought on by Malmo’s defeat, was ironically on the gantry, sharing his anguish with thousands of jubilant football fans around Scotland.

To Scotland’s shame, an amazing film by Tam Sellic Son goes viral.

As the *Rangers supporters started a new leg of their European tour, I wrote about the violence and mischief that occurred last night.

It seems like trouble follows them around. Hell, they bring problems with them to George Square, even with each other, but it was only a matter of time before they began their normal rampage actions.

Nonetheless, this clip from the well-known Celtic account Tam Sellic Son sums up the Ultra video nicely.

“The most amazing Celtic tweet I’ve ever seen” – Tam Sellic son returns with a brilliant parody of a Sevco Twitter troll.

Tam Sellic’s son, without a doubt the greatest Celtic Twitter account, had his account suspended this week for unclear reasons.

I assume that *Rangers supporters decided to report all of his tweets in an attempt to get him taken down from the well-known social media site because they were sick of his tearing them to pieces.

It was successful. for some time.

After another dumb Celtic message, the account reappears under a new name and tweets a hilarious video ridiculing well-known Twitter troll Chris McLaughlin

All Celtic supporters should give him a follow; I have no idea how he does it or where he finds the time and energy.

These people do, and they cherish what they see.

Joe Black Is Rinsed by Tam Sellic Son Regarding CCV Deal

Today, Celtic made the wonderful announcement that they have signed USA international Cameron Carter-Vickers to a four-year, permanent contract.

Although Celtic fans have been anticipating the news for months, the team was justified in taking their time, given we had him on loan for the entire previous season with the option to purchase at the conclusion.

And Celtic was the one who activated that purchase option, according to CCV, who expressed his “delight” at signing for a permanent position.

The reported fee is £6 million, with add-ons potentially costing up to £10 million. We are unsure of the exact nature of these add-ons and how likely it is that we will have to pay them, but that is not important because the fact that we have signed a top-tier centre half for the next four seasons, know exactly what we are getting in this young player, who gels well with Ange’s style of play and gets along well with his teammates, is what matters most.

Speaking of triggered, Sevco supporters appear to have been when Celtic revealed the information.

Specifically, Joe Black, who for months claimed and hinted that we couldn’t pay CCV on a long-term basis, but as usual, poor little Joe made a grave error.

Ra Peepa is attacked by Tam Sellick Son in a viral post.

If you’re on Twitter, you probably already follow @TamsellicsonIII. His stuff is consistently excellent, and tonight was no exception as Ra Peepa pulled up a pile of rags and an unreadable sign before their game against Brondby.

Sevco prevailed over a team who dominated possession for the whole first half, putting pressure on them. The Danes wasted a lot of possession in the second half, and if they hadn’t, they could have easily won.

If Celtic manages to gain three points on Saturday, we will trail the Pandemic champions by one point when they play in Paisley.

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