Ways to Style Unstitched Summer Fabric 

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The weather in the majority of areas remains hot through most of the year. As a result, the most wearable and favourite unstitched fabric in the country is the lawn. Upon the arrival of the summer season, exhibitions spring up in all cities showcasing the latest lawn collections. They include both stitched and unstitched lawns. Recently many big couture designers in the country have jumped onto the lawn bandwagon. They launch their unstitched designer collections every year with immense publicity and though their prices are high they sell like hotcakes.

Stitched lawn kurtas and sets are very popular owing to their reasonable price and convenience. However, unstitched lawn in beautiful colours and prints is readily available in markets for women who love to experiment and design their clothes.

Let’s discuss some trendy ways of styling unstitched summer fabric below.

The latest summer trend to take over is the all-print outfit. The same fabric is used for the shirt and the trouser. Mostly prints with small graphics are preferred for this style. It can be made in any cut such as a kurta shalwar or long shirt and trousers. Many retailers have a huge variety of print-on-print suits whereas unstitched fabric can be used to make the outfit in print and colour of choice.


Summer is a colourful season. People love socializing in summers as opposed to winters which restrict movement due to a lack of facilities. Floral designs in pastel colours look beautiful in summer. Small and big floral designs give a fresh look and complement the shining sun. Accessorizing floral prints with fancy summer flats and nude nail colours complete the look for a casual lunch out with friends.


Dark colours and nudes are considered to be colours of winter whereas fresh pastel colours look beautiful in summer under the bright shining sun. Light colours give a cool effect in the hot summer breeze. Summer collections of all designers mostly consist of pastel hues with only one or two designs in dark tones.

White net laces look beautiful when embellished on pastel prints and plains. Paired with a white dupatta and trousers, they make a perfect everyday summer outfit.


Chikankari is an embroidered fabric and one of the most popular ones used in summer. It can be used both, casually and formally. Lawn chikankari is available in the market in beautiful designs and colour combinations. This fabric is timeless as the designs never get old. Adding printed fabric with chikankari is the new fashion trend. Mostly floral lawn prints are added with chikankari. Both fabrics are easily available in the market. Some designers are also making print/chikankari kurtas, but their prices are relatively high.


Solids have made a comeback ever since the past year and it looks like they are here to stay. Plain suits in a single colour with minimal design are the new fad. The unique thing about solids is that they can look dressy as well as casual. The same solid suit when worn with heels, a nice clutch, and some jewellery looks formal whereas it looks very casual when worn at home or on a trip to the grocery store.

Summer Kaftans

Kaftans make a perfect summer outfit. They are loose and breezy and can be made in any print of choice and colour. They mostly look nice on a medium to dark-toned palette. Abstract and scarf prints look the best in Kaftans. They can be worn casually as well as in formal attire. Plain Kaftans with a little embroidery on the neckline look very elegant for formal wear in summer.

Two Piece Summer Outfit – Unstitched Fabric

A Two-piece printed summer outfit is another popular summer trend. The two-piece suit either includes a shirt and a shalwar cloth or a shirt and a dupatta. Both pieces have different but complementary designs. They are great for everyday use or office wear. Two pieces are mostly sold by retailer boutiques. They are unstitched fabric pieces that can be designed according to taste. The prints, however, restrict too much designing but fancy laces and cute buttons can be added.

Three Piece Outfits – Unstitched Fabric

A traditional three-piece lawn outfit never goes out of fashion. It includes a shalwar and a shirt cloth with a dupatta. The feel of a beautifully stitched three-piece suit is unmatched. All designer lawns are three pieces and are astonishingly popular among women even at such high prices. The three-piece designer collections are sold out within minutes of launch and so they now require pre-booking. The Long shirts in loose fitting with flappers or straight pants with a dupatta on top look very graceful. It is also the most comfortable attire for the summer season.


In conclusion, there are numerous ways to style unstitched summer fabric that can make you look chic and stylish during the hot summer months. Whether you opt for a traditional or contemporary look, there are endless possibilities to experiment with different styles, patterns, and colours. With a little creativity and some basic styling techniques, you can turn your unstitched fabric into a versatile and fashionable summer outfit. So, go ahead and try out these styling tips to make a statement this summer season.

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