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Are you tired of blending into the crowd with your everyday clothes? Do you want to feel empowered and ready to take on the world? Look no further than the Wonder Woman costume! This iconic outfit is not just for Halloween parties or comic book conventions, but for any occasion where you want to unleash your inner superhero. Whether you’re fighting for justice, taking down villains, or just feeling confident and fabulous, a Wonder Woman costume is a perfect choice. So channel your inner warrior princess, grab your Lasso of Truth, and get ready to save the day (or at least look amazing while doing it)!

Are you ready to talk about one of the most iconic costumes in superhero history? That’s right, we’re talking about the Wonder Woman costume! From her star-spangled skirt to her bullet-deflecting bracelets, Wonder Woman costume is a timeless classic that has inspired fans for decades. So, grab your lasso of truth, and let’s dive in!

The Evolution of Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman’s costume has gone through several changes over the years. Let’s take a look at how her outfit has evolved from its original design to the modern-day version.

The Golden Age Costume

Wonder Woman made her first appearance in 1941, and her original costume was designed by artist H.G. Peter. The Golden Age costume consisted of a red, white, and blue bustier with a gold eagle emblem on the chest, a star-spangled skirt, red boots, and bracelets that could deflect bullets.

The Silver Age Costume

In the 1950s, Wonder Woman’s costume underwent some changes. The Silver Age costume featured a more modest design with a longer skirt and a red top with a gold eagle emblem.

The New Look Costume

In the 1960s, Wonder Woman’s costume was updated once again. The New Look costume featured a white jumpsuit with red and blue accents, along with a gold eagle emblem on the chest.

The Classic Costume

In the 1970s, Wonder Woman’s classic costume was introduced. This version of the outfit featured a red top with a gold eagle emblem, blue shorts with white stars, and red boots. She also wore her iconic bullet-deflecting bracelets and a tiara.

The Modern Costume

The modern version of Wonder Woman’s costume was introduced in the 2010s. This version features a red and gold corset top with a blue skirt, along with her signature bullet-deflecting bracelets and lasso of truth.

What Makes the Wonder Woman Costume So Special?

The Wonder Woman costume is more than just a set of clothes worn by a fictional character. It’s a symbol of strength, femininity, and empowerment. Here are a few reasons why the Wonder Woman costume is so special:

It’s Unique

When you think of superhero costumes, you probably think of capes, masks, and tights. But Wonder Woman’s costume is different. It’s a combination of armour, a bustier, and a skirt. It’s a unique and powerful look that sets her apart from other superheroes.

It’s Iconic

The Wonder Woman costume has become an iconic symbol in pop culture. It’s recognizable all over the world, and fans of all ages love to dress up as Wonder Woman for Halloween, cosplay events, and more.

It’s Empowering

Wonder Woman’s costume is not only empowering for the character but also for the fans who wear it. The outfit represents strength, courage, and the ability to stand up for what is right. It’s a reminder that anyone can be a hero.

How to Make Your Own Wonder Woman Costume

If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman and want to dress up as her for Halloween or a cosplay event, here are some tips for making your own costume:


  • Red fabric
  • Blue fabric
  • Gold fabric or trim
  • White fabric or trim
  • Elastic
  • Wonder Woman emblem patch (optional)
  • Lasso of Truth (optional)


  • Cut the red fabric into a bustier shape and sew it together. Add gold trim around the edges.
  • Cut the blue fabric into a skirt shape and sew it together. Add white stars to the skirt.
  • Attach the bustier and skirt together with elastic to create a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Add gold trim to the top of the skirt.
  • Create the bullet-deflecting bracelets

Wonder Woman’s Costume Designer: Behind the Superhero’s Iconic Look

Wonder Woman” is a groundbreaking superhero movie that has been lauded for its feminist message, action-packed sequences, and inspiring themes. Costume designer Lindy Hemming helped create the iconic looks worn by the film’s characters, from Diana Prince’s training armour to her famous super suit. In an interview with CNN, Hemming revealed her inspiration for the costumes and the challenges she faced when creating them.

Creating a Seamless Costume through-line

To create a seamless costume through-line, Hemming coordinated with the costume designer for “Batman v. Superman ” and director Zack Snyder. Hemming based the “style-lines” of Diana’s “training armour” on the updated super suit from “Batman v. Superman.” She also heavily researched periods predating ancient Greece and “places where there had been societies run by women: queens and warriors.” Hemming also looked at current athletic-wear trends to make the costumes feel relatable to modern audiences.

Designing the Amazon’s Wardrobe

Hemming wanted the Amazon warriors to look sporty, strong, and elegant. She also kept the narrative of Themyscira in mind when designing the off-duty “palace” and on-duty “warrior” ensembles. Hemming made the warrior armour out of traditionally handcrafted leather, which was dyed, gilded and leafed with faux metallic finishes. The leather was then steamed and moulded onto mannequins made from body scans of each actor for a streamlined fit. Each of the Amazons had distinctive colour combinations and silhouettes to differentiate from one others.

Antiope’s Unique Look

Great warrior General Antiope wore a palette of blackberry, mimicking a natural-dye process, and armour embossed in crocodile and ostrich skins. Hemming wanted her to look tough and a warrior, which is why she chose to use leather that made it look like Antiope had hunted and caught animals for her armour.

Creating Diana’s London Outfit

When Diana leaves Themyscira with Steve Trevor to stop World War I, she wears her super suit under a black mohair and lambswool cloak, roomy enough to hide her weapons. When she arrives in London, she visits Selfridges to buy an appropriate outfit since a onesie isn’t suitable attire for 1918 London. Hemming created a delightful dressing room montage in which Diana tries on several outfits and finds the restrictive and overly frilly women’s wear to be ridiculous. She exclaims at one point, “How could a woman fight in this?”


Hemming’s costume designs for “Wonder Woman” played an essential role in bringing the iconic superhero to life. The attention to detail and research behind each ensemble is evident on-screen, making it easy for audiences to get lost in the world of Themyscira and Wonder Woman’s journey.

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