Michelle Cockayne, Gary Lineker’s First Spouse

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Michelle Cockayne

Ever wondered about former footballer Gary Lineker’s first wife, Michelle Cockayne? For those who don’t remember, Michelle was the first wife of Gary who left due to his unbearable behavior. The duo were a celebrity couple who stayed in the marriage for decades before splitting. Here are some helpful details about who Michelle is.


Michelle is an actress and model who was known for her role in the 1993 movie ‘Splitting Heirs.’ She also became famous for her marriage to pro football player, Gary Lineker. The British-born, 57-year-old celebrity was a force to reckon with in the old days. She has acted in several movies and modelled for many brands. Apart from that, Michelle Cockayne established her own business and successfully operated it. Her marriage to sports broadcaster and ex-football player, Gary, also opened many doors for her.

The Start of Michelle’s Career

Michelle Cockayne started her career as a model as far back as the 80s and did that for several years. Her pictures can be found in notable adverts and fashion magazines. In addition, she was once employed as a TV presenter, and lots of her fans tuned in to watch her show.

Michelle Cockayne Parents

Michelle came from a family of intelligent individuals who are into arts and business. Her father was an entrepreneur who has operated his business successfully for decades. On the other hand, Michelle’s mother is a stay-at-home mother and an accomplished artist.

Gary Lineker, Michelle’s Former Husband

Gary is a British National who once played professionally and has shifted his career into broadcasting. He became an icon when he scored the highest goals while he was in three various clubs. Gary played in a Leicester club in the late 70s before proceeding to other clubs. He retired making laudable achievements. In 1999 after his retirement, Gary started hosting sports broadcasts.

Gary’s Achievements During His Football Career

Gary was the best scorer at his Leicester Club before he retired. He left the club for Everton and also got the most valuable player and top scorer awards. Then he moved to an international European football club, played for two seasons, and was awarded the top scorer again. He married his first wife after he retired, but they separated in 2006.

Gary’s First Divorce and Subsequent Second Marriage

The two married in 1986 but divorced after two decades. Michelle was the one who filed for the divorce because Gary was giving her anxiety and stress. She said she couldn’t cope anymore and left him. These were written in the divorce documents Michelle presented at the court proceedings.

Michelle further stressed how unreasonable her former husband, had been in the course of their marriage. However, in later years, both Michelle and Gary revealed their divorce was peaceful. Michelle Cockayne presently lives in London, and so does Gary.

A year after the divorce, Gary started a relationship with Danielle But, and eventually married her. They got hitched out of the United Kingdom and the marriage lasted for seven years. People were quite surprised as Danielle is 20 years younger than Gary Lineker.

Michelle Cockayne and Gary’s Children

Michelle and Gary are parents to four children, all of whom have grown up now. All their children also have successful careers and don’t depend on their parents.

  • George: The 32-year-old man is the oldest child of Gary and Michelle. George founded his website and works as a digital entrepreneur. When he was a few months old, he got leukaemia but thankfully survived. It was a miracle as it was a rare type of illness with a small chance of survival. This fuelled Michelle Gary’s determination to support charities and research for children with cancer since their son was a survivor. Not only that, Gary also advocates for people to donate blood as it may save someone’s life.
  • Tobias: Also in his late twenties, Tobias resides in the UK and is a popular DJ in the London metropolis. Tobias is very skilled at what he is doing.
  • Harry: Harry is the younger brother of George and is in his later twenties. Like his brother, he was born in the UK, grew up, and went to school there. Harry’s current career is in the entertainment industry as he works in his dad’s firm.
  • Angus: Angus is the last child of the family, the baby of the house. He is currently 20 years old and has British citizenship, just like his brothers. Angus’ career is as a manager in the business development field.

Michelle Cockayne Net worth

Michelle Cockayne might be worth millions of dollars, but the specific amount isn’t known. But Gary, her former husband is a multimillionaire due to his various careers over the years. Gary is presently worth more than 29 million pounds and has lots of assets.


To sum it up, Michelle Cockayne is a drama-free person. This is because she didn’t use her marriage and subsequent divorce with Gary for media sensationalism. The whole situation was left out of the public and the matter naturally died. Moreover, Michelle has proved that she is a person and independent.

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