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Best Google Ads Management Services Company- In this article, we will talk about the main tool for running paid campaigns on Google: Google Ads, once known as Google AdWords. Google Ads allows you to create sponsored campaigns to show your products or services to users who surf the net, to gain visibility and get conversions.

Google Ads, SEO, SEA, and SEM: Let’s Be Clear

Google Ads allows marketers to create paid advertisements that will appear in the Google SERP, that is, on the Google search results page. Before going into the specifics of the topic, it is good to understand what marketing activities can be done in the search engine, clarifying the meaning of some terms.

SEO: with this acronym (Search Engine Optimization) we mean the activity of optimizing the site to position it in the best possible way among the organic results in the Google SERP.

The SEO activities that can be implemented can be on-page (an example of this type of activity is the strategic use of keywords within the pages of the site) and off-page (i.e. activities done outside the website, for example through the entrance links to the various pages, which are a relevant factor for the ranking on search engines – topic related to Inbound marketing -).

SEA: acronym for Search Engine Advertising, refers to the web marketing technique based on the purchase of advertising space on the search engine, which will appear in the form of ads among the search results.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing includes the first two activities ( SEO and SEA ). Therefore, it is the set of all the activities that can be implemented in search engines to bring traffic to your website.

Why Use Google Ads Management?


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Google Ads management is useful because, by paying, it immediately makes the website visible in the Google SERP about keywords specifications entered by the user. When asked “How much do I have to spend to create an effective campaign?” there is no single answer because it depends on many variables.

The type of product or service you offer to the customer, how the market in which you operate is structured and how you position yourself in that market, how many competitors you have to contend with every day, and other aspects are elements that affect the budget to invest in this type of campaign. The more the market in which you operate is saturated with competitors, the higher the competition and, consequently, the greater budget you will have to invest in your campaigns.

But be careful: Google ads management works to give the best possible service to users. Therefore, even if you spend a lot of money on a banner but don’t give a valuable service, Google can downgrade you from the first position to give precedence to other brands that, even if paying less, can offer a better service to the user / potential customer.

How does Google figure out which company is best at providing users with the information they need?

From the actions of the users themselves. Let’s take an example to better understand this aspect. Let’s assume that you decide to make a banner to sponsor the sneakers that your company produces and to invest € 2 per day. We also assume that this allows you to rank first in the Google SERP. Now let’s suppose that a competitor brand spends € 1.00 per day, ranking in second place, but managing to get more clicks and therefore more visits from users and that users stay within its page much more time than the minutes they dedicate to the reading of yours.

What does Google do at this point?

Since more users have clicked on the competing banner and spent more time on it, the search engine assumes that that banner (and, therefore, the related site) gives a better service to the customer. This is why it will place the ad of the competitor in the first place, even if they have paid less.

Google Ads Management Services Company works for the users and you have to do the same. When implementing online marketing activities you must keep in mind the functioning of search engines, both for SEO and for SEA activities. Remember to focus your attention on the consumer/user when you propose a service and design an advertisement because this is also what Google itself does, as we have just explained to you.

A few steps before using Google Ads management

We recommend some simple steps to follow given using Google Ads Management:
1. Analyze your market
2. Acquire information on competitors
3. Prepare a daily budget for the campaign

If the budget is insufficient, increase the one dedicated to the ad of the day by constantly monitoring the progress of the campaign on Google Ads.

Facebook Ads or Google Ads management, which one to choose?

Facebook Ads or Google Ads

Now that you know the advantages of both platforms let’s try to answer the questions: Better Facebook Ads or Google Ads? Which one to choose?

This question presents an initial error of assessment: we never start from the choice of the platform.

Although each of the two channels has important pros and cons, before answering this question it is necessary to know the differences between the two tools.

What questions do ask yourself before choosing?

In case your business has already started, and you are already receiving traffic on your site, you should ask yourself a few questions:

Where do my customers come from?

The product or service I offer is searched on the internet (such as on Google)
Is the target I am addressing well defined?
How do my customers behave online? do they use social media? If so, which ones?
Which channels convert the most? Organic search, email, social, paid ads.

You can get reviews from the customers to know what they want.

Do I have a visual product that might be good for display advertising? A fashion brand, a product with an impulse purchase
These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether to invest in Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

To avoid wasting money and help you in your choice, I want to deepen two concepts: conscious demand and latent demand.

Conscious Question

Think about your brand or the product you want to promote.

What Do Potential Customers do? Do you already have a Known Product?

If so, your traffic is likely coming from a conscious question.

Here is an example:

You have a little-known brand that sells photographic equipment.

Probably since the brand is still little known, most of the users who will come from Google will not search for the name of the brand, but rather:

‘photographic equipment’, ‘professional photographic tripods’ or ‘equipment for photographers’.

In this case, there is an informed question about the product and the company can intercept this question through Google search advertising campaigns.

Since there is this question in your advertising strategy you will have to include the search network with Google which is the fundamental tool for intercepting direct requests and questions on search engines.

Latent demand

Unlike conscious demand, latent demand includes groups of people, who have not yet expressed an interest in your product or service, but may be interested, without doing specific research. These users may have the same problem as those actively searching on Google ads management, but simply, for some reason, have not searched for anything yet. Here, these users will intercept themselves with other channels, such as Facebook Ads, YouTube advertising, etc…In fact, this type of ‘PUSH’ advertising aims to create that need in the user which will then lead him to buy your product.

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