Ideas on How to Incorporate Technology into the Hospitality Sectors

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The pandemic which once hit the world with a great blow has changed a lot of things, especially technology. Technology has since the pandemic been widely imbibed into various sectors, including hospitality. If technology isn’t encouraged in the hospitality sector,  it would be falling behind. After the long stay-at-home mandate, finally, the freedom to move around is here. No one will like to be isolated in one place, as everyone loves freedom.

The real problem is not our destination but how to go about it. With technology, travelers can help themselves with self-service by booking on their own online. If as an owner of the hotel, you are not incorporating technology, in no time you will be left behind, therefore you will have to meet the technology demands.  To help you meet technology demands, we have put together some tips that will help you stay on edge in the hospitality business.

I am 101 % sure that lots of people would have traveling plans to various places, says Ervin Ahbabovic. Below are some tips;

Make Traveling Fun

Everybody wants to travel to places but not everyone likes traveling. Some are afraid of traveling because they are scared of traveling sickness. People plan to get away from stress at work; they do so by planning a getaway. But if the getaway brings stress with no fun, it brings discouragement. Various hospitality companies can make do with this situation by making it fun for travelers, for example introducing game designs. This doesn’t necessarily mean a real game in its context, it can be rewards and challenges, and this should include points. The points can be promoted to a leader board or points should be added on upcoming trips.

If this is introduced by hospitality companies, that is the use of games to advertise themselves online, there will be positive changes as it will drive traffic, increase their credibility, create awareness, encourage engagement online and of course, generate revenues.


Traveling Fun

Online Views of What you Have to Offer

Well, as they say seeing is believing. Majorly, a virtual view of what you have to offer builds credibility with your customers. If as a person I am shown where I want to entrust my money, it gives me confidence in the value of what I am paying money for. Virtual view these days is the best way to convince customers of your services. The reality of your service helps them even dream of where they are spending their holidays before arrival thereby expanding their mental presence.

Providing Location Service

Hoteliers should be able to create services that suggest various locations to their customers like groceries stores, spas, and lots more. They should be able to locate places without the help of staff. When guest locations are known, it would be easier to send recommendations to them and also give a post-workout service to them. It also encourages quicker responses to guest requests.


Location Service

Creating a Chat Box for Your Guest

Creating a chat box sends a message to them that their contributions are highly valued. The chat box allows your guest to make contributions, requests, and complaints. This also encourages engagement because if questions are asked, answers will be given. Applications for guest messaging can also be incorporated through their phones, applications like Runtriz, beekeeper, zingle, etc.

Encourage the Use of IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT when used encourages room customization. The room’s comfortability can be controlled by the guest. For example, if the room’s temperature is not comfortable enough, it can be changed by the guest. The use of energy can also be reduced by the guest. When a room has all this, more guests will want to spend their vacations in this hotel with IoT amenities.


Encourage Technology that Involves less Contact

After the pandemic break-out issue, people have been trying their best to avoid contact with this disease by keeping their distance. Thus, technology also created a way of reducing contact with people, and the hospitality industry was not left out. Adoptions like checking yourself in, in-built technology in the room, making payments online, and mobile key adoption. Also, post-pandemic has encouraged the use of robots for hotel services e.g. delivery of food or items, assistants, facial check-in, etc.


With the current change after the pandemic, people have become extra conscious of their environment. Therefore, before things can become normal will take several years, so waiting till things are normal is not advisable. Rather, jump on the train of technology and get used to incorporating it into the industry. No one will want to contact any disease during their traveling plans, therefore services like self-service, and fewer contact games introduction should be encouraged, says Ervin Ahbabovic.

To keep your head in the game, technology like virtual tours, introducing game plans, IoT customization, location services., going contactless and lots more should be prioritized by the hospitality industry. When this is put in place, there will be changes in the industry and also guests will know full well that you have them in mind. And of course, the inflow of revenue will be high.

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