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Atlantic Lithium Share Price

Run and managed by multiple creative minds, Atlantic Lithium is a well-known Australia-based company that focuses on lithium exploration and development in Ghana and West Africa. The company aims to become a global leader in the responsible supply of lithium. The main mission of the company is to create a sustainable supply of lithium with optimistic social influence to sustain the global transition to a carbon-neutral tomorrow. Talking about Atlantic Lithium share price, over the last year, the share price has been traded in a range of 47.16, going as high as 67, and a low of 19.84.

That’s not all! There is a lot more about the company like Atlantic Lithium share price, company details, and more that may interest the audience. However, before we dive deeper, let’s get an overview of lithium and the share market.

An Overview Of Lithium

It may surprise many Lithium industrialists to know that there is about 0.002–0.006 wt% of lithium present on the earth’s crust, making it the 33rd most abundant element in nature. Obtained from different sources like rocks, soils, and seawater, it is one of the most essential and important elements that mother nature has gifted to mankind. From rechargeable batteries to electric vehicles, watches, cellphones, laptops, and more, Lithium is widely used in the making of many gadgets. Along with these, Lithium has many more uses and applications in a wide range of industries. 

It is one of the elements that has a huge capacity to store a large amount of energy, making it an important element for renewable energy.

An Overview Of Share Market & Share Price

A share market is a place where there is a buying, selling, and exchanging of publicly listed shares for specific hours of the day. In other words, it is a one-stop destination to trade publicly listed shares. 

On the other hand, the share price is the cost to buy one share in a company. Please note that the share price of any company is not fixed it fluctuates depending on various market conditions like demand and supply.

The share price of any company can be as high and as low as possible. 

Atlantic Lithium Overview

There are a limited number of lithium companies worldwide. And Atlantic Lithium Limited is one of them. 

To people’s knowledge, Atlantic Lithium Limited is a well-known company that specialises in lithium exploration and development, running a portfolio of lithium projects and licences in Ghana and West Africa through to production.

The Ewoyaa Project which is the company’s flagship project is on its way to becoming the first lithium mine in Ghana.

Atlantic Lithium as a modern mining firm aims to collaborate responsibly with all stakeholders and provide long-term benefits within the organisations it operates.

Atlantic Lithium Share Price

Since now we have a better understanding of both terms: Lithium and Share Price, it would be easy to explain Atlantic Lithium share price. 

Share Price

On March 8, Atlantic Lithium share price experienced a jump of 26% higher as stock trading resumed after it responded to a “false and misleading report” associated with its partner Piedmont Lithium released by Blue Orca Capital.

The lithium exploration and development company which aims to set up the first lithium mine in Ghana mentioned that it has relevant prospecting licences with operating receipts for all of its ongoing activities, in compliance with the policies and requirements of the Government of Ghana and the Minerals Commission’s requirements, thereby denying the false allegations made by the Blue Orca report.

Atlantic Lithium said that there are very serious about the allegations mentioned in the Blue Orca report. The company is planning to seek legal assistance to address the allegations made by the Blue Orca report. 

The company also mentioned that its Ewoyaa Project operates within the Mankessim South licence (held by Green Metals Resources Ltd.) and the Mankessim licence (held by Barari DV Ghana Ltd). 

These subsidiary companies have applied for a mining licence application with Ghana’s Minerals Commission for the Ewoyaa Project. The mining licence application doesn’t include the licences which Joy Transporters Ltd owns.

As per the company, they firmly believe that their Ewoyaa Lithium Project will surely get a mining licence from the Minerals Commission and further government of Ghana will confirm the mining licence at the best time possible.

Atlantic Lithium mentioned, “The Report is clearly intended to benefit Blue Orca Capital, which, in the Report itself, has disclosed that it is short selling and stands to profit in the event that the stock price of Piedmont Lithium Inc declines. Atlantic Lithium cautions investors not to make decisions based on the Report, which it considers factually untrue.”

In early morning trading, Atlantic Lithium share price was up 26.1% at 28.50p.

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