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Vanya Seager

Robson Green’s former wife, Vanya Seager is an actress and former model well known in Hong Kong and abroad. Robson has been known to be married more than once and Vanya was one of his wives. The man himself is also involved in the entertainment circle, maybe that’s why he is mostly friends with entertainers. Interested in finding out more about this handsome older actor? There is more information below.

Robson Himself

Born Robson Green in 1964, Robson is a British national with many movie roles under his belt. He has starred in many English movies and shows. Apart from acting, Robson writes songs and presents shows on television. He is a forever fan of Newcastle United and has been for long. Additionally, Robson has strong political views on tax and its applications as he views tax in a positive light.


Robson’s mother, Anne, gave birth to him at a hospital in Britain, but he grew up in a different area. Anne worked as a shopkeeper and cleaner. Robson was named after his father who worked in the mining field in their locality. Robin comes from a family of renowned miners who worked the field diligently and were active members of their community. His parents gave him such unique names to keep in line with their community’s traditions.


Robson only had a middle school education because he wanted to be an Air Force officer. He was fascinated by the constant aeroplanes that flew in the air. So, at 16, he left school to join the Force, a decision he regretted 14 days later. Robson left the Force training centre to pursue other careers.


The Formation of A Band

In 1982, Robson formed a band after learning to be a guitarist. Simultaneously, he dedicated a night every week to learning acting at a drama establishment.

Other Jobs Robson Did

Robson was once a draftsman at a famous shipyard for 24 months. In addition, he learned boxing because he wanted to be a professional. This eventually helped him a lot when he was cast as a boxer in a play. He abandoned all these jobs to concentrate on acting. He auditioned for a chance to train under his former acting boss. He passed and trained with the live theatre group. It was there he picked up his career as a singer again.

Robson’s Gradual Road To Fame

Soap Opera Feature

A leading film house contacted Robson to lead their soap Opera seeing that he was the right man for it. The movie focused on social issues working-class individuals faced in England in the contemporary sense. Furthermore, the movie was made in a narrative style that highlighted each point in each episode vividly.

Since Robson was brought up in the area the movie was centred in, he was the man for the job. Some of those who watched the movie could relate to each episode and the harsh reality of their lives.

After The Launch of The Movie

Once the movie was released, it was clear that Robson did justice to his role. It opened up many acting gigs for him, mostly big ones. Numerous directors wanted to work with him, paving the way for his journey to the big screens, like BBC.

BBC Acting Role

Robson made a major appearance in a 1989 BBC drama. His iconic portrayal as Jimmy Powell endeared him to several home viewers. He then acted in a military series in 1991, a role that spanned four years. Since then, he has been in a few BBC shows and other network shows.

Marital Journey

First Sojourn Into Marriage

Robson’s first wife, Alison Ogilvie was an occupational therapist. The pair were introduced together by a close friend of Robson. After getting to know each other, the two decided to get married in 1991. Nearly a decade later, Robson and Alison parted ways, and that was how the marriage ended. This didn’t deter Robson from seeking love.

Second Journey To Marital Bliss

Robson and Vanya Seager, who later became his second wife, had met in 1995. They met at a record firm while at work. Five years after meeting each other, they gave birth to a cute son. Thereafter, Vanya said “I do” to Robson a year after giving birth to their son.


They got hitched in the United Kingdom after leaving a family event in another country. Sadly, they split in 2011, 10 years after they had their wedding. Both of them declared the dissolution of their union on the Internet. Their fans were sad about their separation but wished them the best.

What Led To The Divorce

Neither Vanya Seager nor Robson has come out to spill what caused their break-up. They merely announced they were no longer together on their socials and that was that.

2016 Love Scandal

After Vanya Seager and Robson left each other, the latter was embroiled in an alleged scandal with a married lady. The woman who was allegedly involved with Robson was a vicar’s wife. This led to the vicar divorcing his spouse when the matter came to light. But he hasn’t been seriously involved with other women to the point of marriage after Vanya.


Lastly, Vanya Seager and Robson Green co-parented their son until he grew up. Their son, Taylor, is now a young man in his early twenties. Taylor is also the only child of his parents, as neither has any other children.

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