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Paul Breach has gained quite a reputation on TikTok for his unique style of making videos that some people might find cringy. He often does funny and unconventional dances and recordings that catch people’s attention. However, his content has also stirred up some controversies, becoming a topic of discussion among different individuals who feel offended by his actions. Despite the mixed reactions, Paul has established himself as a content creator who isn’t afraid to push boundaries.

 If you’ve ever watched TikTok, chances are you’ve seen a video by Paul Breach. He’s famous for his dances and lip-syncing, like the one to George Ezra’s Green Green Grass. Those who’ve been on TikTok for a while might also know him for his song about Jack Grealish. Paul also shares his photography on social media. Let’s find out more about Paul Breach.

Paul Breach’s Viral TikTok Song About Jack Grealish

Paul became popular on TikTok after he posted a video about footballer Jack Grealish in 2021. The song, which has since been deleted, talked about how everyone became obsessed with Jack during the Euros. Let me remind you of some of the lyrics: “Do you remember before the Euros, there was a footballer that the girls didn’t know? He was Jack Grealish. Oh my god, he was Jack Grealish, and now everyone knows it’s on my mind.” The song even caught the attention of Declan McKenna, who duetted the video and said it was his new favourite song.

Paul Breach’s TikTok Fame and Viral Dance

Paul Breach is a popular TikToker with the username @beautybeyondtheyeheyhey (previously known as @Snapshoteye). He has a massive following of over 930,000 followers on TikTok. One of his videos went viral when he posted a dance to Georgia Ezra’s Green Green Grass. People loved watching his moves and it quickly spread on TikTok.

Paul Breach Age and Nationality

Paul Breach is in his mid-40s. While we don’t have specific information about his exact age or birth details, based on his photos, we can estimate that he is somewhere between 40 to 45 years old. He hails from England, making him British by nationality.

Paul Breach Controversy

Not a lot of information is known about Paul Breach’s life. There are many untrue stories about him circulating on the internet, making it hard to tell which ones are real and which aren’t. Paul is often made fun of because he acts and dresses much younger than his actual age appears to be. This has caused some to say that he is deliberately trying to find young people to groom. Paul denies these accusations firmly.

In the summer of 2022, a Tik Tok user named @absolutemelt22 uploaded a video with what seemed to be proof that Paul Breach had fathered a baby with a 16-year-old girl when he was about 27. This made people feel uncomfortable.

People sometimes say on the internet “Don’t feed the trolls.” That means don’t give an answer to someone who is being mean. Paul Breach does not follow this advice and he feeds the trolls anyway.

In his Tik Tok videos, Paul got angrier and angrier at people who wrote mean comments. Sadly, this made his trolls even more determined to be mean, and it hurt Paul’s own reputation.

Paul’s Personalized Messages on Cameo

Paul joined Cameo in 2022 and now charges $4 for personalized messages to his fans. He offers personal videos for $4.50, and one of his fans had a great experience. His fans often post praise messages about his videos on Cameo. 

Paul Breach’s Earnings on TikTok and Social Media

Paul Breach's Earnings on TikTok and Social Media

According to Michael Giblin on TikTok, Paul Breach is one of the top earners in Britain on the app. Let’s dive into the details. Paul earns around 112.1k diamonds every week, which are given by people who watch his content. These diamonds are then turned into cash. In a week, Paul goes live three times from Monday to Wednesday and earns almost £457.

Michael analyzed Paul’s TikTok statistics to calculate his earnings from the creator fund. Paul had around 23 million views in a week in January. After creating a table and considering the views and likes on his videos, it was estimated that Paul earned at least £267.14. This number could be higher because it doesn’t account for views on last week’s videos that might continue this week.

Next, Michael examined Paul’s Cameo profile. Paul charges £41 for videos made for Android users and £47.99 for videos made for Apple users. However, Cameo takes 25% and Apple takes another 30%. Based on the number of videos Paul made last week (nine in total) and the customer reviews he received, it is likely he earned around £256. It’s important to note that not all buyers leave reviews, so his actual earnings could be higher.

Overall, Michael estimates that Paul earned at least £980 last week. If most weeks are similar, Paul could potentially earn around £50k in a year.

Bottom Line 

Paul Breach posts cringe-worthy videos on TikTok and has got a major fan following. He also earns a lot from social media so his followers are going to increase in the coming days.

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