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things to do in Sheffield

A city that carries a blend of a past rich in history and a present rich in culture, Sheffield is one unique place with its own distinctive vibrant city life. Highly known as the ” steel city”, it doesn’t only make an impact as a steel producer but its reputation as England’s greenest city is also remarkable. However, it’s not all steel in Sheffield, it’s also home to the world’s famous theatre, and architecture and boasts of the world’s renowned music artists.

With a wide range of museums, theatres, galleries and festivals, Sheffield is one fascinating city with a lot to offer. Then the hillside with its tranquillity, and beauty crowned with breathtaking sceneries has all it takes for a hillside enjoyment. Whether you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the metropolis or a peaceful nature retreat, then you have just met your match. 

Quirky Things to Do in Sheffield

Here is our list of top things to do in Sheffield and explore the best of what the city has to offer. 

The Crucible

This well-known theatre is the perfect playhouse that houses big names and heroes, musicals, drama, and everything that keeps your eyes glued to the screen. Whether keeping abreast of the next big thing or watching the classic drama, the crucible experience is to die for. It is also famous for hosting the world’s snooker championship. 


Showroom Cinema

Housed in a former 1930s car showroom, this is one of Europe’s largest cinemas. It is also an innovative environment which makes it a perfect setting for businesses or workstations. Hence, it can be an ideal environment for all those emergency work without spoiling the fun. 

Showroom cinema sheffield- things to do in Sheffield

The Green Ground Map

Only a look at the Green Ground map is enough to showcase the number of green spaces and works the city has to offer. Then, a visit to the place is nothing short of excitement. The map showcases how the city’s numerous gems and greenery are all connected. Whether it’s a public park, you are in for sports, or crave a walk into the beautiful Sheffield green grass, having theap in handy is your sure bet. 

SHEFFIELD_GREEN_MAP - things to do in Sheffield

Millennium Gallery

This is for arts, crafts and design lovers. Millennium gallery has become one of the most visited places of attraction for years. The best-in-class national and international arts and design, the finest Sheffield metalwork, John Ruskin renowned arts and artefacts, and much more are what keeps attracting many across the globe. For insights into the writer, Ruskin’s visionary ideas, a glimpse into Sheffield’s culture and history or other touring exhibitions, this is the place for you. 

Millennium Gallery - things to do in Sheffield

The Winter Gardens

Sheffield Winter Garden is one of the largest urban glasshouses to be built in the UK for the last hundred years. It is also the largest urban glasshouse anywhere in Europe and it’s home to over 2500 plants from all around the world which creates a stunning green world. It is next to Millennium gallery, Tudor Square where the renowned Crucible Theatre is located. This makes it a perfect oasis that promises unique experiences.

Winter-Gardens -things to do in Sheffield

Tropical Butterfly House

For a great day out with the animals, and of course the beautiful butterfly, this tropical house should be on your top list. Home to creatures across the globe including birds, crawlies, minibeasts and many more. This place gives you insight into the wildlife and also allows you to get closer to the most popular animals. Get drenched in the spectacular display of free-flying birds and beautiful mammals. Get yourself an Instagram-worthy picture with the dinosaur. Then, treat yourself to a range of delicious Sheffield cuisine. 

tropical butterfly house - sheffield

The Leadmill: Things to Do in Sheffield

The leadmill is the longest-running venue and nightclub in Sheffield. Since the 1980s, this iconic location has been a Stewart of a performance centre. It was formerly opened in a flour mill and was originally called a community centre. From live music, nightclubs, and cinema to comedy, the most famous love music has got a lot to ensure you have a swell time. 


Tramline Festival

Sheffield Tramline festival is the biggest live music festival that has taken over the city for years. This music festival is the highlight of Sheffield’s year-round list of music and events. Every year, big-name artists take centre stage to delight the people with Inde and pop music. If you are into Indian music, a trip to this festival is a must. From Nile Rogers &Chic to Declan McKenna, The Streets, Noel Gallagher, All Saints, and Royal Blood are just a few of the big names that graced the Tramlines stage over the years. 

Sensoria Festival

Sensoria is a mix of creative, innovative and progressive live performances, exhibitions, and film screenings that are set to give you a thrilling experience. It is an annual festival of film and music with a plethora of documentaries, industry events and exhibitions. The creative film location scouting cannot go unappreciated. From Threads on the hill, the metropolis, steel mill to the outdoor swimming pool, it has staged bands and installations in places that were thought to be beyond use. 

Sheffield DocFest

Taking the stage since 1954, Sheffield doc has been among the top three documentary festivals in the world and one of great value in Britain. The festival celebrates the beauty of documentaries spanning across films, technology and art including film screenings, exhibitions, awesome live events and awards. This is a place that offers not only fun but also a room for inspiration, debates, and learning. Plus, you get to meet the shakers and movers of the entertainment world. 


A trip to Sheffield promises to be an amazing one like you. Get to explore things to do in Sheffield, the life of the country, roll with the people and discover the art, politics, music and everything that shaped the modern city. 

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