How to Stimulate Learning With a Classroom Using EdTech?

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Stimulate Learning


Education technology EdTech is becoming popular with each passing day. The teachers use this technology to stimulate learning in a classroom. The teachers and students play their roles in effective learning. The stimulating learning environment also plays an important in enhancing the students’ learning experience. Talking about the teachers’ and students’ roles, the question arises, what those roles are and how teachers can stimulate a classroom. Today’s topic is all about answering such types of questions. So, stick to it and give it a fine read. I hope it will answer all your queries regarding stimulating learning in a classroom. Without further delay, let’s start our discussion with the question below:

Stimulate Learning with Edtech

What is stimulating teaching?

What does stimulating teaching in a classroom mean? Does it mean the way a classroom is set up or the way students interact with each other? Or, does it mean how the teachers deliver their daily lessons? Well, these questions are themselves answers to the question above. Stimulate teaching is a combination of all the things mentioned above in the form of questions. In simple words, it refers to how students’ minds are stimulated while learning. This stimulated learning can come from different things, like;

  • Visuals in the classroom
  • Hands-on activities involving physical and mental movements
  • Multi-modal means of teaching, i.e., teaching with a new concept each time

Why is stimulation important for learning?

Stimulation is very important in enhancing the learning of students. By performing the above activities, you are stimulating the students’ learning. It is also important in the sense that stimulation can stimulate learning. There are many positive impacts of stimulation on students’ minds, especially when getting online dissertation writing services. Those benefits make it very important for teachers to adopt this learning. Below is a brief description of those benefits.

Brain development

EdTech can greatly stimulate the brain development of students. Think of it as food for your brain. It stimulates the senses of the students. They stimulate learning senses and send signals to the brain that helps to strengthen the neural pathways. Remember, the more healthy your neural pathways are, the more enhanced your learning will be.

Pique senses

To stimulate learning, the senses of the students must be aroused. This is exactly what EdTech does. The technology excites the students’ senses, and they get more engaged in the classroom. It is difficult for students to remain active in the classroom for consecutive classes. There must be something that can awake their senses and stimulate their learning abilities. The use of visuals and hands-on activities is a great tool.

How do you simulate a classroom?

This question is probably the biggest challenge for teachers, i.e., how to stimulate learning in the classroom. There are different strategies and techniques available that teachers can use. A brief description of those techniques is as follows;

Use of visuals

Visuals are a great way of enhancing learning in a classroom. Students prefer to see a pictorial representation of things rather than the theory. The notes and the text make them bored and do not contribute much to stimulate learning. The visuals can be of any form, e.g., a word wall in the classroom to teach new vocabulary. This wall can serve the stimulation purpose better than reading the alphabet aloud.

Another thing that you can add is the images of the places that students are learning about. For example, you tell your students about the Taj Mahal, India. You say that it has four tall minarets, and a beautiful lake in the west of it, and also define some other features. Do you not think it makes it difficult for students to understand this place? Showing a picture of the Taj Mahal India can ease this problem. The picture can stimulate learning.

Hands-on learning

Hands-on learning is the best practice in enhancing the student’s learning. Instead of doing nothing and filling the worksheets all day, the hands-on activities keep them busy. With this, the students increase their cognitive skills and perform better in the classroom. Getting students physically involved in learning is a great way to stimulate learning.

The hands-on activities can include creating different projects in physical form. It means students create something they observe and learn in the books. For example, students learn about the steam engine and its working principle. They can replicate the steam engine through a hands-on activity and give it a physical form. Look, this activity will increase their knowledge a lot.

Multi-modal learning

Multi-modal learning is a great tool in increasing students’ learning. It takes students out of a traditional method and introduces them to different other mediums of instruction. The teachers must think of other ways to stimulate learning. For example, when teaching a social science subject about France, the teacher can do the following;

  • Listening to a song in English and then comparing that song with its French version
  • Playing a French game in the classroom and the game should give a lesson in the end.
  • Finding a classic French model of sociology and making students experience this

What does enhance learning mean?

After doing all the things mentioned above, learning is enhanced. Students get to know about many things away from traditional ways of learning. The visuals and hands-on activities increase the cognitive skills of students. EdTech is also contributing a lot to enhance the learning of students. The new tech classrooms where students and teachers interact in different environments than traditional ones are a step forward.

In simple words, EdTech enhanced learning means improving learning attributes, knowledge, skills, and potential. It can be achieved if teachers use technology in their classrooms effectively.


Due to the rapid changes happening globally, teachers need to adopt new methods to stimulate learning. Using the modern EdTech has also become inevitable. It can also increase the students’ learning and their educational experience.

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