The Ultimate Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

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Monster Hunter World Weapons

If you’ve just set foot into Monster Hunter World’s fascinating universe, we bet you’re itching to take down some colossal monsters. But wait, before you dive in, there’s something essential you need to know: your Monster Hunter World weapons are your best friend here. Remember, picking the right weapon isn’t just a matter of personal preference—it’s very crucial for your monster-hunting playthrough.

This guide is especially for players who might be overwhelmed by the 14 different weapon types available in the game. From powerful hammers that can smash a monster’s skull into agile dual blades for those who like their action fast-paced, there’s something for everyone. We’ll help you find the weapon that resonates with your playstyle so you can go from novice to pro in no time. We even touch on Monster Hunter World cross-platform play so that you can team up with friends, no matter their gaming system.

How Do Monster Hunter World Weapons Work?

First up, you’ve got two broad categories to pick from melee and ranged weapons. Melee weapons are all about getting up close and personal. These are your swords, hammers, and axes that let you feel every thump, slash, and crash. Ranged weapons, on the other hand, allow you to play it cool from a distance. Think bows and guns; perfect for those who prefer to keep their enemies at arm’s length.

Slashing, Blunt, Piercing: Know Your Damage Types

Each weapon in MHW deals a specific type of damage. It’s like choosing between rock, paper, and scissors, but way cooler.

  • Slashing Damage: Great for cutting off monster tails. Think of it as your monster kitchen knife.
  • Blunt Damage: Ideal for breaking monster parts and stunning them. It’s the monster world’s version of a sledgehammer.
  • Piercing Damage: This one’s for hitting multiple parts of a monster in one go, usually with ranged weapons.

Knowing these damage types is crucial because some monsters are weak against certain types of damage. So, picking the right weapon could mean the difference between an epic win and a frustrating defeat.

Your MHW weapon is more than just a static piece of metal; it’s a dynamic, evolving ally. Your weapon can be upgraded to make it stronger, quicker, and more effective as you obtain additional materials from your adventures slaying monsters. Just make sure to check the Monster Hunter World system requirements to ensure your gaming setup can keep up with your ever-improving arsenal.

Melee Weapons

If you like being right in the thick of the action, swinging and smashing your way to glory, then melee weapons are your ticket to monster-hunting fame. Let’s jump right in and take a closer look at some fan favorites:

Great Sword

Damage Type: Slashing

  • Pros: High damage, powerful charged attacks.
  • Cons: Slow movement, requires good timing.

Ideal for: Those of you who like to go big or go home. With the Great Sword, each swing feels like you’re cutting a mountain in half. But remember, it’s slow, while timing is everything.

Long Sword

Damage Type: Slashing

  • Pros: Agile, has counter-attacks, builds up a damage-increasing meter.
  • Cons: Not great for team play as it can trip allies.

Ideal for: If you fancy yourself a sort of samurai, the Long Sword is your poetic tool of destruction.


Damage Type: Blunt

  • Pros: Excellent for stunning monsters and high single-hit damage.
  • Cons: Slow attack speed, limited range.

Ideal for: If you love the idea of smashing monster skulls and stunning them into oblivion, this is your weapon. However, keep in mind that you must approach closely enough, so prepare to avoid it.

Dual Blades

Damage Type: Slashing

  • Pros: Super fast attacks, great for elemental damage, makes you feel like a ninja.
  • Cons: Low damage per hit, eats through stamina quickly.

Ideal for: The Dual Blades let you dart in, unleash a flurry of slashes, and then zip out before the monster knows what hit it. But watch that stamina; you don’t want to run out of gas mid-fight!

There are even more melee weapons to choose from, but these should give you a good starting point. Remember, the best weapon for you is the one that suits your playstyle. So feel free to try out different options until you find your perfect monster-slaying partner.

Ranged Weapons

If you prefer taking down monsters from a distance, Monster Hunter World has a sweet lineup of ranged weapons that will let you hunt in style, all while keeping your hands relatively clean


Damage Type: Piercing/Elemental

  • Pros: Highly mobile, versatile with different shot types, good for applying elemental damage.
  • Cons: Limited range, requires good aim and stamina management.

Ideal for: If you’ve ever dreamed of being an archer hero like Legolas or Katniss, the Bow is your chance. It’s great for quick movements and dishing out a variety of attacks, but make sure to keep an eye on your stamina!

Light Bowgun

Damage Type: Various

  • Pros: Super mobile, can use various ammo types for different effects, good for support.
  • Cons: Lower damage output compared to other ranged weapons; ammo management is crucial.

Ideal for: Players who love being agile and versatile. The Light Bowgun lets you run-and-gun, literally. You can even shoot out status effects to help your team.

Heavy Bowgun

Damage Type: Various

  • Pros: High damage potential, can use powerful ammo types, has a shield option.
  • Cons: Limited mobility, needs frequent reloading, can be complex for new players.

Ideal for: If you want to feel like a tank with a cannon, the Heavy Bowgun is your weapon. You might not be the most nimble hunter on the battlefield, but when you shoot, monsters will feel it. Just make sure you’ve got your teammates to cover you while you reload.

Special Weapons

Ever thought of merging your love for instruments and monster hunting? Or you want a weapon that’s both a sword and an axe. Monster Hunter World has those.

Hunting Horn

Damage Type: Blunt

  • Pros: Provides team buffs, decent damage, and can stun monsters.
  • Cons: Complex to master, must memorize musical notes for buffs.

Ideal for: The Hunting Horn lets you smash monsters while playing tunes that buff your teammates. It’s like being in a band, only your audience is a horde of gigantic beasts.

Charge Blade

Damage Type: Slashing/Blunt

  • Pros: Versatile, can switch between sword & shield and axe mode, has defensive capabilities.
  • Cons: Complex combos and resource management are crucial.

Ideal for: It’s the Transformer of weapons; it can be a sword and a shield and then morph into a huge axe. But remember, with great power comes a complex combo list.

Insect Glaive

Damage Type: Slashing

  • Pros: High mobility, can vault and perform aerial attacks, comes with a Kinsect that can harvest buffs.
  • Cons: Lower ground damage.

Ideal for: If you like the idea of twirling around like a gymnast with a polearm, the Insect Glaive is your go-to. Plus, you get a pet bug, the Kinsect, which can collect buffs to make you stronger. It’s like having a sidekick while you perform high-flying stunts!


Damage Type: Slashing/Piercing

  • Pros: High defensive capabilities, can shoot shells, good for breaking parts.
  • Cons: Slow, consumes sharpness quickly.

Ideal for: Imagine a lance but with a built-in cannon – that’s the Gunlance for you. It’s perfect for those who like to take cover behind a shield and then deliver explosive havoc.

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