Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone – Biography and the Cause of Her Death

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Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone
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If you’ve been paying close attention to the tributes shown in the Yellowstone series, you might have noticed some names pop up that aren’t part of the main cast. One such person is Melanie Olmstead, who was honoured in the finale of Yellowstone season 2. This got fans curious about who she was and why she was being recognized.

Even though Melanie Olmstead wasn’t an actor on the show, fans were intrigued and took to social media to dig up more information about her. As a result, we’ve managed to gather some details about who Melanie Olmstead was and why she was remembered in the Yellowstone series.

Who is Melanie Olmstead from Yellowstone?

Location and transportation management for the Yellowstone series was handled by Melanie Olmstead. She joined the Yellowstone crew due to her passion for wildlife and her excellent understanding of filming locales. She joined the Yellowstone production team and immediately rose to prominence because of her expertise in the ranching and conservation sectors. 

In 1968, Melanie was born. In Salt Lake City, Utah, she was adopted by and reared by her foster parents, Reid Howard and Janet Corbridge. Melanie discovered her enthusiasm and affection for animals there, particularly horses. 

Melanie claims that although she developed a love for horses as a young child, she didn’t actually acquire her first horse until she was an adult.

She has been riding her favourite horse, Mahogany, since she was in college. They enjoyed many good days together until Mahogany passed away at the age of 40, which is roughly equivalent to 110 years in human years. 

A Quick Overview of Melanie’s Career

Melanie Olmstead has been employed since 2000 in the location and transportation management division for films like Hereditary, Joe Bell, Wind River, Frozen, Wild Horses, and John Carter. On the television programmes Andi Mack, Yellowstone, and Snatchers, she additionally rendered the same services. 

Melanie’s enormous heart and generosity are also remembered by those who know her. Melanie worked on women’s education programmes in Africa before finding employment in the film industry in 2000. 

Melanie Olmstead – Did She Pass Away?

Did She Pass Away

At the age of 50, Melanie Olmstead passed away in May 2019. According to reports, cancer-related problems are to blame.

Despite not knowing who she was, Yellowstone viewers assumed that she had recently passed away as a result of the memorial in the Yellowstone title card. Many of the show’s viewers from all over the world turned to social media in light of this to offer their sympathies and support to her family and coworkers. 

On July 30, 2019, Melanie’s family and friends got together for a horseback ride to honour her achievements and life. Many horsewomen, authors, and artists attended the celebration in her honour. 

Melanie was a beloved member of the Salt Lake City and Yellowstone production communities. She was also a devoted wife and mother of three on top of everything else. Everyone who knew and loved her will be deeply saddened by her passing. 

What had Melanie Olmstead experienced in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone season 2

In Yellowstone, Melanie Olmstead portrayed no characters. She didn’t show up on the show, however, her name was mentioned during season 2. Yellowstone’s creator Taylor Sheridan incorporated Melanie into the series as a character as a tribute to her life and contributions to the programme.

In the episode when her name is mentioned, Kayce Dutton learns more about Melanie Olmstead, a missing person. After seeing Jamie Munson, the woman’s lover, killed by others defending their land, Kayce took that action. Sadly, despite his best attempts, Kayce was unable to uncover any information regarding what had transpired to her. 

Melanie Olmstead put forth a lot of effort behind the scenes to make sure things went properly even though she didn’t participate in the show. She was the ideal location manager for the parts of the episode they filmed in Utah because she had lived there her entire life.

Melanie Olmstead put forth a lot of effort behind the scenes to make sure things went properly even though she didn’t participate in the show. She was the ideal location manager for the parts of the episode they filmed in Utah because she had lived there her entire life.

It’s lovely and inspiring to see a well-liked TV programme like Yellowstone honour these excellent folks. It exemplifies Taylor Sheridan’s generous nature and his desire to recognise those who have made significant contributions to the Western cinema and music industries. 

Melanie Olmstead is now indelibly linked to the Yellowstone universe thanks to the memorial card from season 2 and the episode when her name was mentioned. 

Parents of Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone

Our investigation reveals that Melanie’s mother was named Janet Corbridge, while her father was Reid Howard. Melanie was adopted by Janet and Reid, who ensured she had a joyful upbringing.

In 1968, Janet and Reid welcomed Melanie into their family, eight years after the loss of their infant child. At the age of eleven, Melanie experienced the loss of her mother Janet in April 1979 due to complications stemming from diabetes. In February 1982, Reid remarried Loa Rose Hanson at the Ogden Temple. Loa, originally from Delta, Utah, and Reid remained married for 34 years until Reid’s passing on June 11, 2016. Throughout Melanie’s formative years, Reid, her stepfather, served in the US Army.

Final Thoughts

Melanie Olmstead, the unsung hero behind the scenes of Yellowstone, was a dedicated professional in location and transportation management, contributing significantly to the series. Her passion for wildlife and expertise in ranching and conservation made her an invaluable member of the production team. Tragically, Melanie passed away at the age of 50 in May 2019 due to cancer-related issues.

Despite not appearing on the show, Yellowstone honored her memory through a tribute in season 2, depicting her as a missing person. The episode dedicated to her sheds light on her character and the impact she had on the series. Melanie’s legacy lives on, linking her indelibly to the Yellowstone universe and exemplifying the show’s commitment to recognizing those who contribute significantly to the industry.

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