Mel Schilling – The MAFS UK Expert Who Fought Cancer and Won

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Mel Schilling

If you are a fan of Married at First Sight UK, you probably know Mel Schilling as one of the three relationship experts who match strangers based on compatibility and guide them through the experiment. But what you may not know is that behind her confident and professional demeanour, Mel has been through a life-changing challenge that tested her strength and resilience.

In December 2023, Mel took to Instagram to share the news of her battle with colon cancer. She bravely opened up about her diagnosis and the subsequent surgery to remove a tumour. She touched the hearts of many with her courage, honesty and positive outlook. She thanked her husband, Gareth and daughter, Madison for their love and support, throughout this challenging period.

In this article, we will take you on a journey and tell you about the inspiring story of Mel Schilling, who triumphed over colon cancer and made a comeback on MAFS UK.

Birth, Parents, and Education

Mel was born on April 20, 1972, in Australia, which makes her 52 years old as of 2024. Her parents are Paul Schilling and Beth Schilling, and she has a sister named Rebecca Atkinson.

She completed her primary education at a local private school in Australia. For her higher education, she went to Deakin University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology in 1994.

She then did her Graduate Diploma in Psychology from the University of Melbourne, and her Graduate Certificate in Human Resources & Industrial Relations from Victoria University.

How Mel Schilling became a MAFS UK expert

Mel Schilling has always been passionate about psychology, dating, and relationships. She started her career as a consulting psychologist in 1998, working with various corporate clients and individuals. She also had a side hustle as a professional dancer, which shows her adventurous and creative side.

Mel decided to take a bold career move and start her own consulting business, where she focused on coaching high-performing people in different fields. She also became a business partner with a friend and launched a dating and relationship coaching service called Date Ready Project.

Mel’s expertise and charisma caught the attention of the producers of Married at First Sight Australia, who invited her to join the show as one of the three relationship experts in 2016. She quickly became a fan favourite, as she helped the couples navigate the challenges and joys of the experiment.

In 2020, Mel made another bold career move and relocated to the UK with her family, where she joined the revamped version of Married at First Sight UK. She teamed up with Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas to match and mentor eight couples who agreed to marry strangers.

Mel Schilling brings her wealth of knowledge, experience, and empathy to her role as a MAFS UK expert. She also adds a touch of Aussie humour and sass, which makes her fun and relatable to watch. Mel Schilling is not just an expert on relationships, she is also a star on TV.

How Mel Schilling Recovered From Colon Cancer

Mel Schilling’s cancer diagnosis was a shock to her and her fans. She revealed on Instagram that she had severe stomach cramps a few months ago and was initially told she had constipation.

But after having a scan, she discovered that she had a 5-centimetre tumour in her colon. She said that the tumour would have killed her if it had gone undetected for much longer.

Mel Schilling underwent an operation to remove the tumour, which she named ‘Terry’, on December 21, 2023. She said that the surgery went well and that the cancer had not spread to her abdominal cavity, which doctors had feared. She also said that she was expected to make a full recovery, though it was a rough road ahead.

Mel Schilling spent Christmas in the hospital, but she was not alone. She had the love and support of her husband Gareth and her daughter Madison, who stayed with her throughout her ordeal.

She also received many messages of encouragement and solidarity from her fans, friends, and colleagues, including her fellow MAFS UK experts Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas.

Mel Schilling did not let cancer stop her from pursuing her passion and career. She decided to return to work and resume filming the new season of MAFS UK, just 20 days after her surgery.

She said that working with her team and helping the couples gave her a boost of well-being and happiness. She also appeared on ITV’s This Morning to talk about her symptoms and to urge people not to ignore anything that did not feel right with their bodies.

Bottom Line

Mel Schilling’s cancer recovery was an inspiring example of courage, resilience, and positivity. She shared her story with honesty and gratitude and motivated many people to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. She also showed that she was not just a MAFS UK expert, but also a survivor, a fighter, and a role model.

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