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Jane Rossington

Get acquainted with the famous soap opera actress, Jane Rossington. Jane was born in England in 1943 and gained recognition for her portrayal of Jill Richardson in the widely watched British soap opera “Crossroads.” She is a respected British soap star. 

In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about Jane Rossington and her remarkable career in the entertainment world. 

Birth, Family & Background

Jane Rossington, born on March 5, 1943, in Derby, is currently 80 years old. At the age of four, her family relocated to Sutton Coldfield where her father was employed as a bank manager. She attended Sutton Coldfield Grammar School and showed a passion for acting from a young age by participating in amateur productions. 

In pursuit of honing her skills, Jane enrolled at Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama. After her training, she began performing in repertory theatre shows in Sheffield and York, impressing audiences with her talent.

Jane Rosington: Start of a Stellar Career 

One of Jane’s biggest achievements was her involvement in the popular television series, Crossroads. She was the only original cast member to appear in both the first and last episodes of the series. Before her success on Crossroads, she gained experience in soap operas by playing the role of probationary nurse Kate Ford in the ITV series Emergency Ward 10 from 1963 to 1964.

Jane Rossington made an unforgettable entrance into the world of Crossroads on November 2, 1964. She spoke the first words of the show’s very first episode, warmly greeting viewers with “Crossroads Motel, good evening.” Jane portrayed Jill Richardson, the daughter of Meg Richardson, who owned the Crossroads Motel.

During her remarkable 24-year run on the show, Jill Richardson faced numerous challenges created by the writers. She was married three times, one of which was to someone who was already married. Jill also struggled with drug addiction, and alcoholism, and even had a baby with her stepbrother. Whatever hardship came her way, Jane portrayed Jill’s complicated life with depth and authenticity.

Jane Rossington was the only actor who stayed with Crossroads for the entire series. She not only witnessed the show’s beginning but also delivered the final words in the last episode, which aired in 1988.

Jane Rossington: Interesting Highlights of Career 

Jane Rossington had a very interesting career with lots of surprises. She was in a show called Crossroads, but she didn’t have a permanent job. This gave her the chance to try out different roles. She even had a small part in another show called The Archers on the radio.

Something unexpected happened while Jane was at Crossroads. She got pregnant, but sadly, she lost the baby. The person in charge of the show asked Jane if she wanted to continue with a storyline about her character being pregnant. Jane thought about it and decided to go ahead. She got pregnant again and her character on the show looked pregnant for 11 months. It was really sweet because sometimes Jane’s own daughter, Sorrel, played her character’s daughter on the show.

After Crossroads ended, Jane didn’t appear on TV very much, but she did a lot of acting on stage. It was exciting when Crossroads came back on TV in 2000 and Jane got to be on it again. But sadly, the new show didn’t last long and was cancelled in 2003. They said Jane’s character died, but then in the last episode, they said it was all just a dream.

Jane also did other things besides acting on TV. She was on a show for kids called Dramarama and she even had her own radio show. She also went on tours and acted in plays like Murder in Mind and Don’t Rock the Boat.

In 1987, Jane had a really nice surprise. She was on a TV show called This Is Your Life and the host surprised her at a hotel in London. She was really happy to see him.

Jane Rossington: Journey with Dementia

Jane Rossington currently resides in Staffordshire with her second spouse, David Dunger. They have two grown children named Sorrel and Harry. Since 1988, Jane has been a strong supporter of the Crossroads Appreciation Society, actively participating in the group and being its main advocate.

Recently, David Dunger, Jane’s husband, spoke about Jane’s battle with dementia in a heartfelt interview on Felixstowe Radio. He shared that it all began about six years ago during a skiing holiday in the beautiful Alps. While they were there, Jane went down in the lift ahead of him. David gave her instructions to meet at a specific restaurant, and they had a playful bet – a large beer for him if she arrived first, and a glass of wine for her if he was there first. That day, something was different. Jane became completely lost and confused, not returning to the hotel or showing up at the restaurant as planned.

As time went on, Jane’s symptoms worsened. She became easily distracted and her memory started to fade. There were also physical changes that made daily tasks more difficult for her. Witnessing these changes was incredibly distressing for David. Although there were moments of stability, David noticed a more noticeable decline in Jane’s condition over the past months. 

Bottom Line

Jane Rossington had an amazing career as Jill Richardson in the British soap opera “Crossroads.” Her battle with dementia hasn’t diminished her passion for acting and her connection with her fans through the Crossroads Appreciation Society.

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