Luca Toolan – Unveiling the Enigmatic Villain of Coronation Street

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Luca Toolan

Luca Toolan, known for his appearance and acting ability in Coronation Street has been in the limelight lately. Blessed with good looks and a good physique, Luca Toolan is the ideal idol for many American teenagers. Luca’s performance in Coronation Street shows he isn’t only a plastic actor, a term used for handsome actors who can’t act. What did Luca do in the movie? How has the role affected Luca in real life? Let’s delve into Luca’s role below.

About The Movie Coronation Street

Luca Toolan is the main villain of the movie who also recruits his cronies to do his bidding. Their target is Liam and they constantly torment him. It was so bad that Liam wanted to commit suicide. Fortunately, he abandoned that thought and is willing to seek professional help.

One of Liam’s tormentors, Dylan, was his best friend who turned against him. Seeing that his actions were wrong after speaking with his father, he wanted to confess. He planned to talk to their headteacher and rat the others out. Unfortunately, Mason heard of his plans, threatened him into silence, or faced the consequences.

Mason’s Thought Process

Mason comes from a dysfunctional family, and although this doesn’t excuse his attitude, it contributed to it. He doesn’t think whatever he’s doing to Liam is bad because he was brought up in a family full of violence. To him, it is normal to behave that way and treat people like he’s doing to Liam. This lack of accountability and realization makes Mason a dangerous individual.

Real-Life Models

Luca revealed in an interview that he is influenced by real-life people who shaped him for his “Mason Radcliffe” character. He said that growing up, he had encountered boys who looked and behaved like Mason in the neighbourhood. He has seen many bullies like the character Mason who bully boys like the character Liam Connor. In the movie, these bullies launch evil plans to torment Liam by recruiting Dylan, Liam’s ex-friend. The plan is to harass Liam physically and on the internet.

Role Inspiration

Luca Toolan attended a boys-only school while growing up. However, he has never encountered any bullying incidents in his school. Rather, he witnessed them outside the school environment. This was an eye-opener, as he had expected a bit of bullying at his school, being that it’s full of boys. But seeing it play out in real life outside his school helped him grasp how to play Mason.

Hanging Out With Bullies

Luca further said he and his friends often hang out in areas full of bullies. When they encounter the bullies, they feel intimidated and scared. Hence, their instinct is to always run away in these situations. This has left an indelible mark in his memory, along with being part of shows that broadcast the effects of bullying. These two experiences greatly facilitated his role interpretation.

Assistance From External Sources

According to Luca, he has met some individuals, whom he didn’t name, who have the same behaviour as Mason. He also attributed his success to his co-actors whom he knew before filming the movie.

Co-actors Who Helped Luca

Fellow actors like Liam Mccheyne and Charlie Wrenshall are friends with Luca in real life. Their prior friendship made Luca comfortable enough when filming uncomfortable scenes with the duo. To Luca, making the movie seems easier than doing it with total strangers.

The Importance of Their Friendship

He further attributed that their friendship helped create trust and familiarity between the three characters they played. This was especially so during the assault and harassment scenes of the character, Charlie. Otherwise, Charlie might have felt scared during these assault scenes. While the bully characters might have also felt uncomfortable doing those scenes. Hence, the three’s friendship paved the way for them to act and bond together on the screen.

Luca’s Feelings About His Character

Luca shared his hatred towards his character and he revealed that Mason’s antics might worsen. Already, Mason’s act has left viewers at home in tears and screaming at their Television at Mason.

Furthermore, Luca stated that he does not condone violence and verbal abuse towards anyone. Luca thinks that it is a matter of time before Mason does something unforgivable to Liam. To him, Mason is a bad guy whose anger festers aggressively within him, looking for an outlet. One day, Mason is going to burst and commit an atrocious deed.

Coming To Terms With His Character

As stated earlier, Luca Toolan hates his character, thus finding it difficult to relate to him. He couldn’t stand watching the series when it came out. So, he watched it with his relatives, who sometimes humorously asked if he could do this in real life. This is Luca’s first main role and his father, Mike, a radio host, is proud of him.

Luca Toolan Father Support

Despite always teasing his son, Mike is super supportive of him. Mike’s support for his son’s craft knew no bounds. He took to social media recently to praise him and also gushed about Luca’s first media interview. He even shared some snippets of it with heartwarming captions on his social media.


In summary, Luca’s performance in the movie, Coronation Street, was admirable and top-notch. But Luca Toolan didn’t like what he did there. This goes to show that an actor’s character in a movie and real-life behaviour is different. Hence, viewers are enjoined not to view actors through the lens of a movie.

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