Love Island 2023: Ultimate Guide to Contestants and Premiere Date

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Winter Love Island 2023 has been packed with thrilling drama and there’s more excitement on the horizon. Join us as we introduce some of the captivating contestants who are on the latest edition of Love Island 2023, all in search of love.

Love Island 2023: Meet the Cast Ready to Ignite Drama in the Villa

This year, Maya Jama, 28, stepped in as the host of Love Island, taking over from Laura Whitmore who bid farewell to the show.

In the previous season, Ekin-Su Culculoglu and Davide Sanclimenti emerged victorious, capturing both the winner’s crown and the coveted cash prize. As the new season unfolds, the nation eagerly awaits to see who will capture their hearts in the Love Island villa and become this year’s ultimate winner.

Love Island 2023 is set to be a rollercoaster ride of captivating stories, from a resilient Islander overcoming adversity to a former James Bond actress. With a diverse mix of influencers and fresh faces, including a not-so-famous Will Young, get ready to meet the girls and boys who will ignite the drama in the villa this season.

Martin Akinola

Martin Akinola, aged 27 years and a skilled Senior Software Engineer, made a striking entrance as a bombshell in Casa Amor. Surprisingly, he successfully made his way into the main villa when chosen by Tanya. Unfortunately, their romance didn’t blossom, and Tanya decided to reignite her relationship with Shaq. Interestingly, rumours circulate that Martin might have received some inside information prior to joining the show, as he happens to be friends with Dami Hope from the 2022 season.

Samie Elishi

23-year-old Samie Elishi, a senior estate agent coordinator, has joined Love Island in search of love, and it appears she may have already discovered it. She is currently coupled up with Tom Clare, and their relationship seems to be flourishing. Although they faced challenges when they were separated during Casa Amor, the couple has managed to overcome them and is back on track, stronger than ever.

Sanam Harrianan

Social worker Sanam Harrianan, 24, embarked on her Love Island journey in Casa Amor, where she was introduced to the original villa to test the loyalty of the boys towards the original girls. Sanam’s charm and charisma caught the attention of Kai, and the two have now become an exclusive couple, finding a connection amidst the romantic chaos of the villa.

Casey O’ Gorman 

Recruitment consultant Casey O’Gorman, 26, has expressed his desire to settle down and find a meaningful relationship. Although his last relationship ended a year ago, Casey now feels ready to open his heart to someone new. Reflecting on his journey, he shared, “After a year of enjoying life and not actively seeking a commitment, I’ve come to the realisation that I’m now ready to find something genuine and lasting.”

Jasie Wyntar 

Meet Jessie Wynter, a 26-year-old personal trainer and influencer who is no stranger to the Love Island franchise. Jessie previously appeared on Love Island Australia back in 2019.

Since her time on the show, Jessie has remained single but is now eager to find a stable and committed relationship. Reflecting on her single status, she acknowledged, “I have to take some responsibility for it – I tend to travel and move around frequently. When it comes to relationships, I often get scared.”

She admitted that when she develops genuine feelings for someone, she tends to retreat or convince herself that they are out of her league. Jessie recognized her patterns, saying, “I always end up doing the opposite of what I should be doing. So, in the Love Island Villa, I’ll have to confront those emotions head-on.”

Lana Jenkins 

Meet Lana Jenkins, a 25-year-old make-up artist hailing from Luton. Lana is known for her stunning looks and believes that she could break the record for the fastest “I love you” declaration in Love Island history.

According to Lana, she falls in love swiftly and can sense early on if she has strong feelings for someone. If everything goes well, she isn’t afraid to express her love within just a week of getting to know the person.

In addition to her expertise in the world of makeup, Lana has also dabbled in television appearances. She has had the opportunity to work with numerous celebrities through her work as a makeup artist. Furthermore, Lana can proudly boast about her early start in the entertainment industry, having appeared as an extra in an episode of the popular show Benidorm when she was just six years old. She’s definitely a budding superstar!

Kai Fagan 

Introducing Kai Fagan, a 24-year-old science and PE teacher hailing from Manchester. Kai has been deliberately holding back from entering a serious relationship until his Love Island journey begins. He firmly believes in finding the right girl before committing, emphasising that he has high expectations when it comes to matters of the heart.

According to Kai, he wants to experience an overwhelming sense of excitement and genuine connection before fully investing in a relationship. He believes it wouldn’t be fair to commit to someone if he isn’t truly buzzing about them.

Kai’s diverse background and achievements extend beyond the classroom. He proudly identifies as a Jamaican citizen, which led him to represent Jamaica in rugby 7s. Currently, he plays semi-professional rugby for Burnage RFC.

In addition to his sporting achievements, Kai has also excelled academically. Impressively, he holds three different degrees, each earned from different universities. With his intelligence and athletic prowess, Kai is the complete package, earning him the title of smarty trunk among his Love Island peers.

Rosie Seabrook 

Meet Rosie Seabrook, a 24-year-old industry placement advisor who made quite the entrance to the Love Island villa as a bombshell, accompanied by Keanan. As soon as Rosie set foot in the villa, she formed an instant connection with Casey, choosing him during the recoupling.

However, it seems that Rosie’s captivating presence has also captured the attention of Keanan, who openly expressed his attraction to her. The budding love triangle adds an exciting twist to Rosie’s journey in the villa, leaving viewers curious about how this romantic storyline will unfold.

Anna-May Robey

Introducing Anna-May Robey, a 20-year-old payroll administrator hailing from Swansea, who embarks on her Love Island journey, all thanks to a little nudge from her mother.

With her Welsh charm and striking brunette looks, Anna-May is determined to find a boyfriend who can bring laughter into her life. Having been single for a considerable period, Anna-May’s mother has been persistent in urging her to find a romantic partner. Eager to explore new experiences, Anna-May sees Love Island as an exciting opportunity to meet someone special.

Tom Clare

Tom Clare, a 23-year-old footballer from Barnsley, is trading his football boots for a chance at love on Love Island 2023. As a bombshell enters the show, Tom is set to make waves and turn heads in the villa.

Known as the striker and top scorer for Macclesfield FC, a non-league team, Tom has a unique connection to the football world. The director of his team happens to be none other than Robbie Savage, a former Wales international footballer and well-known personality from Strictly Come Dancing.

Expressing his friendship with Robbie, Tom shared, “I have a great relationship with Robbie Savage. He’s not just a director to me, he’s a mate.”

With his sporting background and charismatic personality, Tom is ready to kick off his Love Island journey and score in the game of love.

Shaq Mohammad 

Shaq Muhammad, a 24-year-old airport security officer from London, has become the buzz of the terminal with his arrival on Love Island 2023.

With a desire for more than just a summer fling, Shaq is on the lookout for genuine love and a lasting connection.

Reflecting on his past relationships, he shares, “I haven’t been fortunate in my previous experiences, so I thought, why not soak up the sun and potentially meet the love of my life? I hope to leave the villa with my future wife, the person I aspire to marry someday. Hopefully, she’s here, waiting to be found.”

Tanyel Revan

Tanyel Revan, a 26-year-old hair stylist from North London, brings a unique perspective to Love Island with her distinct preferences and self-assured demeanour. Confident in her own attributes, including her wit, charm, and physical appearance, Tanyel believes she possesses the qualities that make her a desirable partner within the Love Island context. She proudly describes herself as both loyal and hard to get, confident in her ability to captivate potential suitors.

When it comes to her ideal romantic partner, Tanyel’s taste deviates from convention. Rather than being drawn to conventionally attractive individuals, she seeks someone who exudes masculinity and charisma without being overly concerned with their appearance. Channing Tatum serves as her reference point, as he embodies the qualities she finds appealing—a balance between attractiveness and a captivating personality. Moreover, Tanyel places great importance on a potential partner’s dancing ability, viewing it as a direct route to her heart.

Olivia Hawkins 

Introducing Olivia Hawkins, a 27-year-old ring girl and actress hailing from the vibrant city of Brighton. Olivia’s journey in the world of fame has brought her tantalisingly close to the limelight, as she once stepped in for none other than Michelle Keegan during her Very fashion campaign.

With an impressive resume of appearances, Olivia has made her mark in various arenas of the entertainment industry. She has graced the screens in music videos alongside renowned artists like Craig David and Tom Zanetti, showcasing her talent and magnetic presence. Additionally, Olivia’s dance moves have taken her to prestigious venues such as Wembley, where she performed alongside the electrifying Charli XCX.

Unapologetic about her experiences, Olivia proudly shares her notable encounters, revealing snippets of her interactions with prominent figures. From engaging in a profound conversation about life with action star Jason Statham during a film shoot to embodying roles as a ring girl for KSI and as a waitress in a James Bond production featuring Daniel Craig, Olivia has proven her versatility and adaptability as an actress. She has even had the privilege of being a body double for esteemed personalities like Michelle Keegan and Emma Watson, further cementing her presence within the industry.

Will Young

Meet Will Young, a 23-year-old farmer hailing from Buckinghamshire, who is set to make his mark on Love Island. Don’t be mistaken, he’s not the famous Pop Idol winner, but he’s certainly a star in his own right on TikTok. With over a million followers, Will has gained popularity by showcasing his farm-based antics, often getting down and dirty while tending to his daily tasks, and sometimes even shirtless.

Growing up on a farm, Will found it challenging to balance his work commitments with his romantic relationships. However, Love Island presents a unique opportunity for him to take a break from farm life and focus solely on finding love. As he enters the villa, Will expresses his readiness to pursue a serious relationship, stating that he believes he has reached a point in his life where he is mature enough to seek a lifelong partner.

Ron Hall 

Ron Hall, a 25-year-old financial advisor from Essex, is set to make Love Island history as the show’s first-ever partially sighted contestant.

Despite being blind in one eye due to a football injury he sustained at the age of eight, Ron’s vibrant personality and positive outlook on life shine through. Sporting two different coloured eyes—one blue and one green—he embraces his unique appearance as an integral part of his character.

His experience has given him a deeper appreciation for the challenges faced by others, and he views it as an opportunity to inspire and connect with people on a meaningful level.

By joining the Love Island 2023 cast, Ron aims to break barriers and encourage discussions around diversity and acceptance. 

Tanya Manhenga 

Meet Tanya Manhenga, a 22-year-old student and influencer from the vibrant city of Liverpool. While Tanya is no stranger to the world of influencing, she’s determined to make it clear that her purpose on Love Island goes beyond seeking exposure – she’s on a quest to find genuine love.

As a biomedical science student, Tanya approaches her romantic journey with a thoughtful mindset. She believes that being in a villa surrounded by a diverse group of individuals will provide her with valuable insights into the type of partner she truly desires.

However, Tanya does have a couple of instant turn-offs that can give her the dreaded ‘ick’. One such pet peeve is encountering guys who don’t wear socks inside the house. Additionally, the sight of men lounging in a bathtub devoid of bubbles is another scenario that invokes an undeniable sense of ‘ick’ for her. It seems that being sockless in the bath is a perilous territory to navigate in Tanya’s book.

Haris Namani 

Introducing Haris Namani, a 21-year-old TV salesman hailing from Doncaster. Haris was among the original lineup of islanders announced for the Love Island villa.

Confident and unique, Haris prides himself on his distinct approach and interactions, particularly with the opposite sex. His self-assured demeanour and ability to navigate social situations without awkwardness make him stand out from the crowd. Additionally, Haris emphasises his friendly and respectful nature, aiming to leave a positive impression on everyone he encounters. According to him, those who meet him rarely have anything negative to say, as he strives to create a good rapport that keeps people eager to engage with him.

However, on January 24, 2023, it was revealed that Haris had been removed from the villa due to the emergence of video footage showing him involved in a fight. The incident occurred after a night of heavy drinking, capturing Haris engaging in a physical altercation.

A friend of Haris expressed their lack of surprise, stating that witnessing a confrontation between Haris and another individual, Shaq, was expected. They further shared that Haris’ behaviour aligns with his true character, as he doesn’t hide his authentic self. The friend also expressed astonishment that further checks were not conducted by ITV prior to Haris joining Love Island, considering his propensity for such conflicts.

Love Island 2023 Start Date

According to insider information, Love Island is rumoured to kick off on June 5, although ITV has yet to officially confirm the start date. An undisclosed source revealed to The Sun that the show’s launch aligns perfectly with the summer season, giving viewers something to look forward to as they prepare for their summer adventures. Based on this information, if the series does commence on June 5, the grand finale can be anticipated to take place on July 31, following an eight-week run. The source also mentioned that Maya Jama, the show’s host, is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to begin her hosting duties. It’s worth noting that the summer edition of Love Island follows shortly after the conclusion of the winter 2023 series, which aired its final episode in March.

Bottom Line

Love Island 2023 promises to be a summer filled with sizzling romances and captivating stories. With a diverse cast of contestants, including bombshells, influencers, and fresh faces, the season is set to ignite drama in the villa. From the charismatic Martin to the resilient Sanam, each Islander brings their unique journey and quest for love. As viewers eagerly await the start of the show, they can anticipate a rollercoaster ride of emotions, unexpected twists, and ultimately, the crowning of this year’s ultimate winner. Love Island 2023 is primed to deliver another unforgettable season of love and excitement.

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