The Lost Hiker – The Mysterious Case of Kenny Veach and the M Cave

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Kenny Veach

Kenny Veach was a hiker and YouTuber who went missing in 2014 while searching for a mysterious cave in the Nevada desert. The cave, which he called the “M Cave”, had a strange effect on him and attracted thousands of viewers online. His disappearance has sparked many theories and speculations, but no one knows what happened to him and the M Cave. This article will explore the facts and the mysteries of this case, and try to answer the questions that have haunted many people for years.

Disappearance of Kenny Veach

Kenny Veach, aged 47, was a hiker and YouTuber who claimed to have found a mysterious cave in the Nevada desert, shaped like a perfect capital M. He said that he felt a strange vibration and fear as he approached the cave, and decided to leave and come back later with more equipment and a camera.

He posted a comment about his discovery on a YouTube video titled “Son of an Area 51 Technician” in late 2014, and it sparked a lot of interest and curiosity among other users. They encouraged him to return to the cave and document his findings, and he agreed to do so. He uploaded a video of his first attempt to relocate the M Cave, but he was unsuccessful. He said that he had hiked for over 10 hours and covered a lot of ground, but he could not find the cave again.  He also said that he had encountered some strange things along the way, such as a dead ram, a hidden spring, and a deep mine shaft.  His video was met with mixed reactions, some supportive and some skeptical. Some users even warned him not to go back to the cave, saying that it was dangerous and that he would not get out alive. He ignored the warnings and decided to try again. On November 10, 2014, he left for his second attempt to find the M Cave, telling his family that he was going for a short, overnight trip. He never returned.  His girlfriend, Sheryon Pilgrim, reported him missing on November 14, and a massive search was launched to find him. The search involved over 30 volunteers, a helicopter, and a drone, but they only found his cell phone near a mine shaft that he had shown in his previous video. There was no sign of him or his backpack anywhere.

Theories about the Disappearance of Kenny Veach

His disappearance remains a mystery to this day and has generated many theories and speculations. Some of the possible explanations are:

  • He fell into a mine shaft or a crevice and died.
  • He was attacked by a wild animal or a human and dragged away.
  • He found the M Cave and entered it, but something happened to him inside, such as a cave-in, a trap, or a paranormal phenomenon.
  • He staged his disappearance as a hoax or a publicity stunt and is still alive somewhere.
  • He was abducted by aliens, the military, or a secret organisation, and taken to a hidden location.

None of these theories have been proven or disproven, and the M Cave has never been found by anyone else. His case remains unsolved and open and has attracted the attention of many online sleuths and investigators.  Some of them have even tried to retrace his steps and look for clues, but none of them have succeeded. Kenny Veach and the M Cave remain a mystery that haunts the Nevada desert.

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Investigation of Kenny Veach’s Disappearance

After Kenny Veach’s disappearance, many people became interested in his case and the M Cave mystery. Some of them tried to investigate and search for clues, using various sources and methods. Some of the main investigators and their findings are:

  • Sheryon Pilgrim: She was Kenny Veach’s girlfriend at the time of his disappearance, and the last person to see him alive. She claimed that he had left a note saying that he was going to look for the M Cave and that he had taken a gun with him.

She also said that he had been depressed and suicidal and that he might have taken his own life in the desert. However, some people doubted her credibility and motives and suspected that she might have been involved in his disappearance or hiding something.

  • Dave Cummings: He was the commander of Red Rock Search and Rescue, the volunteer group that led the search for Kenny Veach. He said that they had found Kenny Veach’s cell phone near a very vertical old mine shaft, but no other trace of him or his backpack.

He added that the area where he disappeared was very rugged and dangerous and that there were many possible scenarios for what could have happened to him. These investigators and their findings have shed some light on the case of Kenny Veach and the M Cave, but they have also raised more questions and speculations. The mystery remains unsolved, and the truth remains elusive.

Bottom Line

The disappearance of hiker and YouTuber Kenny Veach, as he searched for the mysterious M Cave in the Nevada desert, continues to baffle and intrigue. Despite extensive searches and various theories, the truth behind his vanishing remains unknown, leaving the M Cave as an enigmatic and haunting part of Nevada’s landscape.

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