The Mystery of Jimmy Savile Daughters – Are They Real or Fake?

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jimmy savile daughters

He was one of the most famous and influential figures in British entertainment, but also one of the most vile and depraved. Jimmy Savile died in 2011 and he was exposed as a serial sex offender who abused hundreds of children and adults over decades. His crimes shocked the nation and tarnished the reputation of the BBC, where he worked as a presenter and DJ.

But Savile’s dark secrets did not end with his death. In the years since, several women have come forward to claim that they are his biological daughters, the result of his rapes or affairs with their mothers. These women say they have suffered from his abuse, his neglect, and his lies. They also say they want to know the truth about their paternity and their inheritance.

But are these claims credible? How can they be proven or disproven? And what does it mean to be a daughter of Jimmy Savile, one of the most hated men in Britain? In this article, we will explore the mystery of Jimmy Savile daughters and the challenges they face in finding their identity and justice.

The Claims of Georgina Ray and Donna Foot

Among the women who claim to be Jimmy Savile daughters, two of the most prominent are Georgina Ray and Donna Foot. Both of them have made public statements about their alleged paternity and their experiences with Savile.

Georgina Ray, 53, said she was conceived when Savile raped her mother in a hotel room in 1970 when her mother was 15 years old. She said she met Savile several times as a child and as an adult, and that he gave her money and gifts. She also said he sexually abused her when she was 16, and that he told her he was her father.

Donna Foot, 51, said she had a 17-year relationship with Savile, starting when she was 18 and he was 54. She said she was pregnant with his child in 1999 but had an abortion after he pressured her to do so. She said he also told her he was her father, and that he had other secret children.

Both Ray and Foot have sought DNA tests to prove their claims, but have faced legal and practical obstacles. Ray said she was denied access to Savile’s body for a DNA sample before his cremation in 2011. Foot said she had a DNA test with Savile’s nephew, but the results were inconclusive. Neither of them has received any recognition or compensation from Savile’s estate, which was frozen in 2012 due to the numerous claims of sexual abuse victims.

The Doubts and Criticisms of Savile’s Family and Friends

Not everyone believes the claims of Georgina Ray and Donna Foot. Some of Savile’s relatives and associates have cast doubt on their stories and motives and accused them of seeking fame or money.

Savile’s nephew, Roger Foster, said he was sceptical of Ray’s claim, and that he had taken a DNA test with her that showed no match. He also said he had never heard of Foot, and that Savile had told him he had no children.

Savile’s former personal assistant, Janet Cope, said she was convinced that Savile had no children and that he had a low sex drive. She said he was too busy with his work and charity to have affairs or relationships. She also said he was careful about contraception, and that he had a vasectomy in the 1960s.

Savile’s biographer, Dan Davies, said he had interviewed hundreds of people who knew Savile, and none of them had mentioned any children. He said he had seen no evidence to support the claims of Ray and Foot, and that they were part of a “cottage industry” of people trying to cash in on Savile’s scandal.

The Impact and Support for Savile Alleged Daughters

Whether or not they are Jimmy Savile daughters, Georgina Ray and Donna Foot have endured a lot of pain and trauma because of their connection to him. They have both spoken about the emotional and psychological effects of being abused, neglected, or lied to by Savile, and the stigma and isolation of being associated with him.

Ray said she suffered from depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, and that she had attempted suicide several times. She also said she had been harassed and threatened by people who did not believe her claim, and that she had lost friends and family members who sided with Savile.

Foot said she felt betrayed and manipulated by Savile, and that she had been living in fear of him for years. She also said she had been ostracised and ridiculed by people who knew about her relationship with him, and that she had struggled with addiction and self-harm.

Both Ray and Foot have sought professional help and support from various sources, such as therapists, counsellors, and support groups. They have also found solace and strength in each other, and in other women who claim to be Jimmy Savile daughters. They have formed a network of mutual support and solidarity, and have shared their stories and experiences.

They have also received some recognition and sympathy from the public and the media, especially after the trial of Bennett, who was convicted of raping Ray’s mother in 1970. Ray said she was grateful for the verdict, and that it gave her some closure and validation. Foot said she was happy for Ray, and that she hoped to get justice for herself and her unborn child.

Bottom Line

The mystery surrounding Jimmy Savile daughters continues to raise questions about the credibility of their claims and the obstacles they face in proving their paternity. Despite doubts from Savile’s family and friends, Georgina Ray and Donna Foot’s stories shed light on the enduring pain and trauma inflicted by Savile, highlighting the need for support, solidarity, and justice for those who have been affected by his abuse.

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