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Silverstone Museum tells the past, present, and future stories of car racing in the UK. It’s a museum that gives you an immersive and unforgettable experience. Motor racing lovers who want to experience past racing techniques should visit Silverstone.

About Silverstone

Silverstone Museum, otherwise called Silverstone interactive museum, is located in the United Kingdom. It is a place full of several interactive features for visitors to enjoy. Visitors are allowed to stay in the museum for 2 hours, and 30 minutes. When you visit, you can learn to drive a World War 2 plane and experience an immersive cinematic Silverstone adventure. In addition, you can sit in an imitation grand prix vehicle.

The Silverstone Experience

Motor-racing simulator

This ultimate adventure is a must for Silverstone visitors. You are allowed to select any closed or open cars and drive them in Silverstone. Furthermore, AXSIM and Silverstone are now partners in giving Silverstone’s visitors the best simulating adventure. More importantly, AXSIM is an automotive firm that uses the latest advanced technology to produce excellent motion simulators.

How to Book a Simulator Experience

Silverstone has limited simulator slots for guests. Guests are advised to book their slots online before going to Silverstone. They should also know that the slots are open every thirty minutes twice. The first time is between 10:00 in the morning to 12:30 in the afternoon. The second time is between 2:00 in the afternoon till 4:30 pm.

As a reminder, guests going for motion simulator adventures should also get tickets to enter Silverstone.


A simulator guest is normally required to pay £25, which means two guests will pay £50. Additional costs include payment to enter the Silverstone museum before going to the simulator area. Those who are exempted from paying admission tickets are those with the free pass.

Simulator Location

You can find the simulators inside the exclusive drivers’ room located at the museum

Perks of Visiting Silverstone Museum

Party and Group Bookings

Silverstone is open for group and party bookings for interested individuals. The only criterion is that you must make an appointment to book the slots for your group or parties.

Free annual pass

Do you know that you can save on Silverstone museum tickets? All you need to do is to make a one-day payment and get a free pass for 12 months. Furthermore, you can bring along one more person to enjoy your free pass with you. However, ensure you come with your ID anytime you go to Silverstone.

How to Get it

UK taxpayers that have claimed gift aids when they bought online full-priced tickets for one day are eligible. Their tickets will be converted automatically to a free 12 months pass. Those with the pass can enter the museum as much as they like for the duration of the pass. They don’t need to pay extra charges at all and can enjoy their stay. What’s more, the free pass starts the day after the ticket is converted into a pass.

What to Do If You Didn’t Purchase Tickets Online

However, those who didn’t buy a ticket on the internet can ask Silverstone staff when they are at Silverstone. This set of people can claim the gift aids and change it as the 12 months pass. But you should note that you can’t change tickets bought through third-party or discount vouchers to free passes.

How to Get the Eticket

You need to purchase the eTicket online by paying for the ticket purchase. Only then will Silverstone send you the eTicket via your email address? Never delete the email because it’s proof that you have paid for the online ticket. And the ticket makes you eligible for a free pass. Whenever you visit Silverstone while your annual pass is still active, the staff will ask for payment confirmation. For booking a return date at Silverstone, simply sign in to your account. Then choose the time and date for your next visit.

Why is Gift Aid Important to Silverstone?

The museum is actually a charity museum that gets support from stakeholders, the public, and things like gift aid. So any visitor that spends money to buy standard or full-priced tickets is supporting the museum. The United Kingdom government gives Silverstone extra money per £1 on every standard and full-priced ticket bought. Silverstone will then channel the money to celebrate and preserve British motor racing. Silverstone aims to inspire the youths who are interested in the field of engineering. Therefore, money will go a long way in achieving this.


Going to the Silverstone museum is an experience you will always remember. If you take your kids along, they will live and appreciate it and clamour to go again. So why not take your family to Silverstone museum today and let them have a lovely and stimulating adventure?

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