The Important Features in A Virtual Events Platform In 2024!

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Virtual Events platforms

The trend of virtual events has been seen growing faster than expected. However, it was estimated that, once the lockdown is over the trend will shift back to physical events. Regardless if we look at the statistics a drastic change can be seen since there are various advantages of virtual events and it’s evolving every year.

The trends have been growing faster than one could estimate which brings a special focus on virtual events. As you can see in the graphics At Least one event was organized by 88% respondents of in the survey. However, virtual events work best for corporate and educational purposes events.

Virtual Events

Virtual Events

As computers, mobile devices, and 3D technology have advanced, so has the way corporate activities are organized. With the help of virtual events, attendees can communicate online and engage in a virtual environment free from any physical limitations.

They have become very useful tools for companies with remote workers, many attendees, or representatives dispersed throughout different regions.

Webcasts, online conferences, webinars, video conferences, virtual training exercises, and team-building exercises are just a few of the numerous applications for it. In essence, it entails transforming every traditional format into a virtual setting.

Advantages Of Virtual Events

Numerous advantages come with virtual events. Among the many uses for it are webcasts, online conferences, webinars, video conferences, virtual training exercises, and team-building exercises. Simply put, it means turning every conventional format into an online environment.

However, there are benefits to it. Virtual worlds, which allow voice and movement interaction and can connect hundreds of people at once from mobile devices, are undoubtedly the way of the future for online events.

Online avatars, which can mimic each participant and even faithfully replicate their physical appearance, have made this possible. They also enable them to engage and communicate with each other in a variety of contexts.

The benefits of virtual events, however, keep growing as numerous studies.

It also makes it possible for us to greet visitors from all over the world. Because they make the lives of the attendees easier, virtual events contribute significantly to the event becoming more sustainable than before.

Disadvantages Of Virtual Events

There are some events where attendance is ideal. However, maintaining attendance in a virtual environment isn’t a piece of cake.

There are some events where in-person components are more important than just performances. Let’s say your company is celebrating a successful year, and you are hosting a party to honor staff members. If so, attendees would want to be in person to enjoy the food and drinks, see the award presentations, and show off their dance moves.

Virtual Events Can Make A Reach!

Many companies are putting full-featured marketing platforms ahead of revenue. For example, Microsoft charged $2,395 for the right to attend a 6,000-person in-person conference in 2019. According to the Event Leadership Institute, Microsoft sponsored the event in 2020 and attracted nearly 200,000 attendees by offering free virtual attendance. A live event would have provided a very different and more impactful marketing platform at a much lower cost than the sharp increase in reach. While only some programs have seen such dramatic increases in attendance, for established programs, the switch from in-person to virtual events has frequently resulted in a 30% increase in participation.

Future Of Virtual Events

Features looking forward to having in a Virtual event platform in 2024 are the following:

Customizing Events

Marketing and arousing audience interest and excitement are crucial to hosting a virtual event. Event branding is the most effective method for doing this. It is essential to have an event platform that allows branding. Choose a platform that gives you complete control over how your event brand is integrated. Uploading logos, streamlining branding colors and imagery, and showcasing your distinct brand narrative should all be possible. Furthermore, a platform that lets you develop and design your event website will advance your branding.

Addition Of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a great way to have fun, laugh, and solve problems while fostering teamwork and creative thinking. Because escape rooms can be completed virtually or in person, organizers have some flexibility.

Integrations Of Fundraising

If you are organizing a fundraising event, it is preferable to make donations as simple as possible for attendees. Seek out a platform for the event that enables donors to make contributions both before and after the event begins.

Integrating Social Media

These features will help you to market your event to the right targeted audience. It can be very beneficial if the event planner utilizes it effectively by generating exciting content to keep people interested and engaged.

Video Live Streaming

Given how much time we spend online as a society, offering live-streamed video content to your audience is a very effective idea. Videos can always be uploaded to an event platform already recorded. However, live streaming has a greater effect. Live-streamed video will increase participation and engagement more than pre-recorded video, even though it can still have an impact.

Interactive Features

You need features that are engaging and interactive to properly engage an online audience. No matter how captivating the video is, more is required to engage attendees to the fullest extent, ignite excitement, or link the audience to the content of the keynote speaker.

Tracking The Analytics

Having access to and being able to capture this data provides you with crucial information about how your event is going as it is happening, enabling you to make quick adjustments to improve your chances of event success however you define it. Additionally, it will offer historical analytics that summarises key performance metrics at every turn of the event.

Best Platforms For Virtual Events

Some of the best platforms providing up-to-date features:

Ems Events

When it comes to providing HD images and excellent sound quality for virtual events, EMS is the industry leader.


The platform is well known for its adaptability, intuitive user interface, gamification capabilities, and compassionate customer service.


Ems Events looks forward to introducing new features to the virtual event platform to bring the best for your audience. EMS has been setting recent trends since and will continuously be doing so for the upcoming year, 2024. By providing exclusive features for the virtual event platforms. EMS Event production helps you to create the best opportunities for your attendees to learn and enjoy.

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