What Are the Best Crypto Faucets to Earn Free Cryptos 2022

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If you want to earn free cryptos and looking for online crypto faucets, then you are at the right place. Here you will find the legit & most trusted crypto faucets we are using to earn free cryptos or bitcoins in 2022. We have tried all the faucets listed below and earned cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more for free. This is the easiest way to earn cryptocurrencies, and you can do it from home. You just require a mobile or computer and an internet connection. We have listed the top 8 crypto faucets, of which FaucetCrypto is our favorite. But before diving into the list, first, understand the basic information about cryptocurrency faucets.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency with no physical form like dollars. It only has programming code & exists in the Blockchain. In Blockchain, these cryptocurrencies are maintained & protected by cryptography which makes the system safer for transactions. Cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous and cannot be hacked or reversed; that’s why gaining public trust. You can buy & sell any cryptocurrency using exchanges. There is another free way to earn free cryptos, which we discuss in this article, i.e., crypto faucets.

What is Cryptocurrency Faucet?

Crypto faucets are the ways to earn free cryptos. It is the reward system that pays crypto to its users in exchange for performing easy tasks. These tasks are straightforward, such as clicking PTC ads, completing surveys, playing games & more.

Some faucets only pay in single crypto, i.e., either bitcoin or Litecoin, etc. On the other hand, some are multi coins faucets which means they offer rewards in 12-15 other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. Such faucets are truly known as cryptocurrency faucets, where you can withdraw your earnings in your favorite cryptocurrency.

We have been using cryptocurrency faucets & other platforms for many years to earn free cryptos. Unfortunately, during this period, we saw many new platforms come & vanished away. But we have found the following cryptocurrency faucets that are consistent in this category.

Here are the top 8 best cryptocurrency faucets to earn free cryptos in 2022

1) FaucetCrypto

FaucetCrypto.com is one of the well-known cryptocurrency faucets. Here. These coins have fixed USD value & never fluctuate like cryptocurrency. FaucetCrypto gives classic tasks like any other faucet. There is a timer & captcha to verify that you’ve completed the task. You can click on PTC ads and offer walls as well. FaucetCrypto.com doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, but the website is completely optimized for all devices. So you can earn free cryptos while traveling as well.

You can exchange these FaucetCrypto coins with your favorite cryptocurrency. FauceCrypto also has a referral program where you can earn 20% income by referring your friend to the FaucetCrypto site. Most of the cryptocurrencies you can withdraw into your private wallet, but some have to withdraw in FaucetPay.io! You can also read the FaucetCrypto.com reviews to understand more earning opportunities this faucet offers.

2) Cointiply

Contiply is the primary bitcoin faucet which means you can earn free cryptos through this faucet every hour. the rewards coins vary between 18 to 100,000 as per the spin-ed value (1 to 10,000). You can win a 100,000 coins jackpot by hitting 10,000 spins. It also multiplies the bonus (1x to 2x). Cointiply also allows you to earn real money by completing various tasks. It includes playing games, watching videos, completing surveys, checking offers, or browsing. Cointiply also has a great referral program. It helps you to earn a 20% commission on the earnings of friends you refer. You can make unlimited direct referrals on Conitiply to increase your earnings.

The best thing about Cointiply is you can withdraw earned bitcoin into your wallet. When your earnings reach 50,000 coins, you can withdraw them into bitcoin, litecoin, dash & dogecoin wallets.

3) Firefaucet

FireFaucet is an auto multicoin faucet. FireFaucet pays in bitcoin along with 12 more altcoins as long as you have their ACP (auto claim points). To acquire ACP, you need to sign up & complete various tasks like clicking on PTC ads, taking surveys, offering walls, watching videos & more. The click on Auto Claim Points & faucet will run automatically until points are exhausted. Then, you can link your wallet to the received earnings in it. You can also exchange earned crypto for another for free. They also have partnered wallet called faucet pay, where the withdrawal limit is less than your private wallet.

FireFaucet allows you to withdraw your earnings in 12 different cryptocurrencies. You can connect your private wallet address & withdraw directly into it; the minimum earning must be $5. FireFaucet also has a referral program like any other faucet & gives a 20% referral commission.

4) Freebitcoin

As the name suggests, it is purely a bitcoin faucet. The amount of bitcoins you can earn at Freebitcoin faucet depends upon its current price. The biggest prize you can win is $200, along with other rewards. So whenever the bitcoin price goes down, the rewards in bitcoin go up & vice versa. So no matter the bitcoin price, you can win $200 worth of bitcoins at Freebitcoin.

5) Allcoins

Allcoins is another multicoin crypto faucet like FireFaucet. Allcoins.pw lists more than 13 different cryptocurrencies & looking forward to adding more. The Allcoins.pw faucet supports its community & has a chat room built-in its website. It also has its crypto exchange or price tool, web & command miner, auto faucet, and a referral system.

6) Grab

with Grab.tc, you can start earning bitcoin daily. To add more bitcoins to your wallet, you can perform more tasks at Grab.tc! The rewards become bigger when the task is a little critical or of different types. Grab.tc also offers a referral program where you can make a 25% commission on your friends’ claims and extra money for yourself.

7) Auto Faucet

Auto Faucet is another crypto faucet. It is legit & has various easy tasks to earn free cryptos. You can earn coins by performing tasks such as playing games, offering walls, short links, and mining. Then earned coins can be redeemed into cryptocurrencies. Auto Faucet has a micro wallet named Faucet Pay, where you can withdraw all your crypto earnings. They also offer 20% referral commissions like any other crypto faucets.

8) Auto Claim

As the name suggests, Auto Claim is similar to the auto faucet. It offers identical tasks such as mining, click-to-claim, PTC ads, short links, offer walls & more. After completing the task, you receive the crypto coins, which you can again withdraw into their micro wallet called FaucetPay. Like Auto Claim, it also offers a 20% referral commission when you refer your friends to Auto Claim faucet.


If you really want to earn money online, then these crypto faucets are one of the best ways out there. We have been using these crypto faucets for a long time & are legit and still running effectively in 2022. If you work dedicatedly daily, these platforms also level up your earnings & give a daily visiting bonus. Also, referral programs are a great way to multiply your earnings. The only thing that is important here is being consistent on these platforms. With consistent completing tasks, you can earn a bunch of cryptocurrencies in your wallet. We suggest you sign up for these crypto faucets because it’s free but gives valuable cryptocurrencies.

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