Why Are Most Useful Glass Table Tops Rather Than Wooden Table

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A glass table or wooden it’s a debate we all went through while getting ourselves new furniture. We will discuss this in detail in the content provided below. There could be a number of materials that can be used as table tops like solid wood table tops, Quartz composite table tops, Marble table tops, Glass table tops, and many more which can be used on furniture such as in houses for dining tables, in restaurants, bars and hospital counters, also used for in laboratories and search facilities, offices do require table tops to place things.

So why using Glass table tops is more beneficial than Wooden table tops, few points are listed below.

Glass Table Tops – Exquisite Look

Glass is a material that is in use for decades making it popular in modern days, the first and foremost reason for this is that it gives an exquisite look. Making the surroundings look more modern, luminous, well proportioned and stylish, matching with the room or place perfectly, is the biggest advantage of using a glass table top.

On the other hand wooden table tops require you to match the suitable color with its surroundings. Not only do glass table tops let the light pass through making it a bit shinier and the surrounding more illuminated than it is, but wooden table tops make the room look more dull and the surrounding a bit tedious and filled. Now whether a glass table top is used for a formal office meeting, a restaurant, a bar for serving drinks, hospital counters, banks, laboratories or a home dining table it gets along very easily with any.

Diversity of Style and Types of Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops range widely from Annealed glass which is the standard glass of delicate quality to Tempered once that are made of more durable, coloured glass tops which bring out a more eye-catching effect to it, frosted glass table tops which are manufactured by either sandblasting or acid etching of clear sheet glass giving indentation on one side making the glass look blurred but at the same time allowing light to pass through its opacity can range from 10% to 20%.

While a wooden table top doesn’t have this kind of versatile properties and this range of different types because a wooden table top is made of only wood. Creating different styles on a wooden tabletop is much more time-consuming and skill-taking as compared to the styling of a glass table top due to its material.

Reliable and long-lasting

Even though glass table tops are not everlasting so are wooden table tops a glass table top can get cracks on hard impacts but a wooden table top also gets cracks upon the same if not less. Glass table tops have moisture durability and can withstand hard and hot temperatures with more durability than wooden table tops which get soaked wet in moist environments, making it easy to be decomposed while glass table tops don’t get too moist and don’t decompose.

Another major factor why glass table tops are used more than wooden table tops is that wood needs to be streamed, pre-powdered and painted to get rid of any pests in the wood that can eat it away making its beauty fade away. With time wooden table tops need to be polished to keep its beauty maintained while a glass table top bought once can last more than wooden table tops making glass table tops more apt for use.

Swift Cleaning

In today’s world where things should be kept clean all the time due to the spreading of different germs causing serious diseases, having a glass table top is more useful than a wooden table top which requires more time and energy to be cleaned. In houses, the table tops of different tables like dining, coffee tables, TV stands, small bed-side tables should be cleaned frequently to keep the house neat and clean all the time and especially in offices.

where many meetings occur, restaurants have to have a neat and clean environment all the time making glass table tops the best suit as compared to wooden table tops. Things can stick to wooden table tops quite easily and removal requires a subtle hand as it can tarnish the paint or polish of the wood whereas glass can be cleaned from different marks swiftly.

Glass Table Tops – Price

Glass table top price is very much in the range of any kind of buyer whether it is required for office use, home furniture, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories you can get a good quality glass table top according to your requirement whereas wooden table tops are mostly expensive and low budget buyers can not get a suitable wooden table top.


The major differences that make glass table tops be used more than wooden tops are the visual appearance that glass table tops provide to their environment. Styling glass table tops are very versatile and easy to be crafted as compared to wooden table tops. The durability difference is not that much but when a glass table is to be placed in a more gentle environment using a glass table top can be more accurate and in budget for the buyers. In the modern world glass table tops are more in use than wooden table tops in reference to these factors.

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