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Astile Doherty

Astile Doherty is not just the son of Pete Doherty, the notorious rock star and frontman of The Libertines and Babyshambles. He is also a budding filmmaker, actor and writer, who has his own YouTube channel where he showcases his creative talents. Astile, who bears a striking resemblance to his father, has a fascinating family background, as he is also related to another British music legend, Liam Gallagher, through his mother Lisa Moorish. In this article, we will explore the life and career of Astile Doherty, who is carving his own path in the entertainment industry.

Birth, Parents, and Education

Astile Doherty is the son of Pete Doherty, a famous English musician, and Lisa Moorish, a singer-songwriter. He was born on July 12, 2003, in London, United Kingdom. He has two half-sisters, Molly Gallagher and Aisling Doherty, from his parents’ other relationships. His maternal grandfather is Henry Watt, a Jamaican of mixed ancestry, and his maternal grandmother is Iris Morrish, an English woman from Middlesbrough.

The paternal grandparents of the subject are Peter John Doherty and Jacqueline Michels. Mr Doherty served as a major in the Royal Signals, while Mrs Michels was a lance-corporal in Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps. The subject spent his childhood in both London and the countryside, during which time he developed a passion for filmmaking, acting, and writing. He bears a scar on his face as a result of being bitten by a dog at the age of four.

Astile Doherty attended a private school in London, where he developed an interest in filmmaking, acting and writing.

Parents of Astile Doherty

Astile Doherty is the child of well-known English musicians and songwriters, Pete Doherty and Lisa Moorish. Pete Doherty is recognized as both a co-frontman for rock bands The Libertines and Babyshambles, as well as a talented poet, writer, and artist.

Meanwhile, Lisa Moorish is the lead singer of the indie band Kill City and also has experience in acting. Astile was born from a short-lived romantic involvement between his parents who never married and are now separated.

Pete Doherty has struggled with drug addiction and legal troubles throughout his career and has visited several rehabilitation facilities. Lisa Moorish has been involved in various charity projects and campaigns, such as War Child and Oxfam. Astile has a close relationship with both his parents and has expressed admiration for their music and talents.

In September 2021, Pete Doherty married Katia de Vidas, a fellow member of his band Puta Madres, only two days after announcing their engagement. They also welcomed a baby girl named Billie-May in June 2023. Lisa Moorish married Jonny Bridgwood, a bassist who played with Pete Doherty in The Libertines, in 2017. They have a son named Jude Bridgwood, who was born in 2016.

Beginning of Career

Astile Doherty has recently started a profession as a performer imitating Liam Gallagher, who happens to be his half-sister Molly’s father. He is also a wannabe filmmaker, actor and writer, who has his own YouTube channel where he posts his short films, sketches and music videos. He works as a mixologist at a cocktail bar in Leigh-on-Sea, Southend. He is a fan of Oasis, the band of his half-sister’s father, and performs as a tribute act to him. He has also expressed admiration for his own father’s music and poetry.

He is also a budding filmmaker, actor and writer, who has his own production company, Astile Doherty Productions.

Relationships of Astile Doherty

Astile Doherty is a single man who has not been involved in any controversies or rumours so far. He has a close relationship with his mother, Lisa Moorish, and his half-sister, Molly Gallagher, who is the daughter of Liam Gallagher. He has not publicly disclosed any information about his romantic interests or partners, so it is assumed that he is not dating anyone at the moment.

Net Worth

Astile Doherty’s net worth is estimated to be 557 thousand millions of dollars as of January 2024. However, this figure is based on a combination of social factors and may not reflect his actual income.

Social Media

As of now, Astile has a YouTube channel where he posts his videos and interacts with his subscribers. We could not find any Instagram or X accounts of him, although his father Pete Doherty has an Instagram account with 191K followers, and so does his mother Lisa Moorish.

Bottom Line

Astile Doherty, the son of Pete Doherty and Lisa Moorish, is making a name for himself in the entertainment industry through his filmmaking, acting, and writing skills. Despite his young age, Astile is carving his path and showcasing his creative talents on his YouTube channel, all while maintaining a close relationship with his famous parents and half-sister.

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