Prince William Affair: Truth Or Rumour?

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prince william affair

Who doesn’t know Prince William? He is the elder son of King Charles III and Princess of Wales, Diana. Further, he is the future successor to the British throne. For quite some time, Prince William has been in the headlines of every news channel and publication but not for a good reason.

There have been many reports claiming Prince William affair with Rose Hanbury, a former British model and former political staffer. Yes, you read that right. Many sources claim that the prospective king had an affair with his wife’s friend Rose Hanbury. However, whether the news of Prince William affair with Rose Hanbury is true or not is still debatable.

Are you also curious to know the actual truth? If yes, we suggest you read the blog till the end. In this extensive article, we have discussed different aspects related to Prince William affair with Rose. So, without much delay, let’s dive in.

News of Prince William Affair

For quite a few years, the rumours of Prince William cheating on his wife have created a lot of buzz. In fact, infidelity stories have taken the internet by storm and surprised people around the world. It is stated that the upcoming king had a shady affair with Rose Hanbury—a close friend of Catherine, Princess of Wales. Due to the cheating allegations, people on various social media channels like Twitter and TikTok even addressed William as a “cheater” or a “cover-up.”

Kate Middleton

The speculation of Prince William affair with Rose Hanbury first started in 2019 when various outlets noted that Kate had an argument with her friend over the alleged affair. The affair rumour remains one of the biggest challenges for the royal couple. To our readers’ knowledge, Rose Hanbury is a British peeress, former model, former political staffer, and above all close friend of The Cambridges. She even attended the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales in 2011. She was even an attendee at the memorial service for Prince Philip in 2021.

Rose Hanbury Attended King Charles’ Coronation 

The rumour of Prince William affair with Rose Hanbury took a sharp turn when the latter was captured at the historic coronation ceremony of King Charles on 6 May 2023. Knowing that Rose was invited to and attended her father-in-law’s coronation discomforted and saddened Princess Kate.

She was very sad to see Rose, a woman who almost broke her beautiful and happy marriage attending such a historic moment. One can not even imagine the level of awkwardness between the two women who used to be good friends. However, Prince William comforted Kate and asked her to come down.

He even reminded her the cheating rumours were behind them and they’ve come so far since then. Rose Hanbury at King Charles’ Coronation made people furious and they expressed their anger and hatred on various social media platforms. They even claimed that Prince William was disloyal to his wife Princess Kate during their 12-year marriage relationship.

On the other hand, no official statement has been released by the palace on Prince William affair with Rose. In fact, the palace has refused all the cheating rumours and they began to resurface once again, following a report that Rose’s son Lord Oliver was invited to be a page of honour at the coronation ceremony of King Charles along with Prince George, the Waleses’ eldest son.

Did Prince William Really Cheat On Kate?

Rumours of Prince William allegedly cheating on his wife Princess Kate are nothing new or recently heard. It was in April 2019 when the speculation of Prince William affair with his wife’s friend first started circulating. The Duke of Cambridge instantly reacted to the rumour by taking strict legal action against the British journals that printed the wrong and highly negative allegations and warned other publications in case they do the same.

Prince Williams and Kate

Closing Words

Overall, it is hard to say whether Prince William affair with Rose Hanbury was true or rumour. All we can say is that Prince William and Princess Kate have been a great couple since 2003. They are proud parents to 3 adorable kids: 2 sons and one daughter.

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