7 Amazing Engagement Ideas For Your Next Virtual Conference

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If you have been working during COVID-19, you must have heard of virtual conferences. After the restrictions of COVID, Virtual Conferences have become more common. 

In the pre-pandemic period, virtual conferences were there. But people had other meeting options too. The pandemic has restricted the movement of people, and virtual conferences were the only option businesses had to discuss corporate things with employees. 

Virtual Conferences help to make remote working employees feel connected. It allows your employees to feel more involved and fasten the decision-making process. Virtual conferences benefit you and your employees. But it challenges the organizer as well.

It is not easy to grab the attention of every employee in a virtual conference and hold them till the end. To make your Virtual Conferences interactive and avoid engagement issues, follow the ideas given further in this blog. 

7 Ideas For Your Next Virtual Conference

Table of Content

1. Social Wall

2. A Digital Goodie Bag

3. Virtual Lounge

4. Multimedia

5. Live Streaming

6. Digital Party

7. Rewind It 

1. Social Wall

It is a highly recommended engagement tool to enhance connectivity in your upcoming virtual conferences. It allows you to collect user-generated content from different platforms and showcase it in Virtual Conferences. 

You can tie the attention of attendees, sponsors, and speakers throughout the conference by displaying their social media posts on your social wall. Platforms like Taggbox, Sprinklr, Crowdscreen, Presenterswall, etc are available to design a Social Wall for events

virtual conference social wall

A social wall not only boosts engagement in your virtual events but also enhances your reach, enhances the set-up of your virtual conference, creates a sense of community, and gives other benefits too. 

2. A Digital Goodie Bag

Complimentary bags full of exciting things are the best part of every conference organized in physical things. Do not let your attendees miss this in the Virtual Conference. You can provide them with a swag bag of virtual gifts.

You can send this digital goodie bag to your attendees, speakers, and sponsors via email. In this bag, you can keep virtual gift cards of Starbucks or Amazon, app trials, digital subscriptions to different platforms. You can also choose to keep podcasts, eBooks, digital wallpapers, virtual lessons of learning applications, and more. 

This swag bag attracts your audience and makes them feel that virtual conferences are not less interesting than any usual physical conference. 

3. Virtual Lounge

virtual conference lounge

The virtual conference attendees look to meet new industry professionals. It is easy to meet professionals during breaks, cocktail hours, and panels in physical conferences. You cannot let your attendees feel bored because of a lack of networking. 

You can create a virtual lounge to provide enough networking opportunities. In these virtual lounges, the guests and attendees can interact naturally. The attendees can relax and chit-chat in their virtual lounge between the virtual conference. 

The venues you can choose to create a virtual lounge are online forums, virtual lobby, chat rooms, slack channels, and more. ]

4. Multimedia 

In a virtual conference, you have a lot of time because you need to print any sessions. Everything can be virtual. You get ample time to organize multimedia sessions. Effective use of multimedia sessions makes the conferences interactive and engaging. 

The multimedia programs of your virtual sessions can include videos, performances of your speakers, registration links, virtual gathering resources, and spaces. Multimedia sessions can also comprise links to your social media platforms., chat rooms, updates about the conference, polls, surveys, and more. 

The multimedia session is one of the most fabulous engagement ideas for your upcoming virtual conference. 

5. Live Streaming 

Virtual Conference Live Streaming

 Showcasing old recorded videos can create boredom among attendees in the conference. To avoid the issue of boredom and disengagement, you can Livestream the content. 

You can live to stream the speaker sessions or other presentations to make the attendees learn more about brand updates. During live streaming, you can use a social media ticker. It is a ticker running at the bottom of your live session with textual information. You can create a social media ticker using platforms like Taggbox, Flockler, Elfsight, etc. 

6. Digital Party

To keep the audience hooked, you can give them notifications regarding the digital party at the end of the conference. In this, you can organize fun entertainment activities and games too. 

You can include activities like digital happy hours and some fun ice-breaking games. You can also provide meal coupons for the digital party. The employees can order food with that and enjoy it being at home. 

7. Rewind It 

Getting a rewind of what has happened throughout the conference will make the attendees remember more things about it. You can organize a rewind session once the Conference ends. 

You can keep the rewind session on Google meet or zoom. Allowing the attendees to ask questions in the rewind session will be like a cherry on the cake. 

Wrap Up

Woah! You have reached the end of the blog, and now you have super exciting seven engagement ideas for your upcoming virtual conferences. You only need to implement these and experiment. 

Do not wait for the perfect time. Start preparing for your next virtual conference now! Try to implement the above-listed ideas. You will experience a positive change in the engagement of your audience. 

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