5 Essential Pieces of Riot Gear

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Riot Gear

Thus, the necessity for appropriate and high-quality riot gear in the contemporary world is significant. Police officers, detectives, military and other security forces, as well as sometimes activists, need equipment that will shield them in critical scenarios. Preservation of safety, while, at the same time, keeping control of the situation and the people involved is paramount. Below is a closer look at five basic uniforms a riot gear that every security professional should wear.

Learn about the 5 critical pieces of riot gear you need for safety and protection. Get equipped with the best gear for any tumultuous scenario.


Safariland, AR500 Armor, and BulletSafe are some of the most trustworthy suppliers of body armor items. These brands mainly target offering adequate protection while at the same time allowing the wearer to move and be comfortable.

3. Riot Shield


A riot shield is an important tool that provides the policeman with a mobile protective element against projectiles, physical impact, etc. They mainly come in handy when one is handling large crowds of people and the user is in a position of authority.

Features to Look For

Select a riot shield that is made from a translucent high-impact modality such as polycarbonate to ensure visibility while using the shield. The shield has to be compact so that it can be easily moved and at the same time it has to be big enough to encompass most of the body surface. Elements like handles and straps can be made comfortable to hold and work with as well.


Some of the most recommended products for the riot shield are Paulson Manufacturing, United Shield International, and Damascus Gear. These brands due to their effectiveness and robust construction have remained relevant and popular, especially among security practitioners.

4. Protective Gloves


Protective gloves are vital in shielding the upper extremity from slashes, blows, and chemicals. Since during riots, people’s hands are open, they become vulnerable to various dangers; therefore proper protection for these extremities is required.

Features to Look For

Choose your gloves according to cut protection, reinforced palm area, and fire protection. The gloves must also afford adequate sensitivity regarding the equipment and the tasks that the workers perform. Fabrics such as Kevlar and leather are fairly familiar due to their sturdiness and protective characteristics.


Manufacturers like Mechanix Wear, Hatch, and Hex Armor provide several sorts of tactical and riot control gloves. These are special kinds of gloves that are designed in such a way that, in addition to protecting the wearer, they do not hamper effectiveness.

5. Tactical Boots


Tactical boots are essential items used in the armies to shield the lower extremities, particularly the feet and ankles as well as offer support and balance. During riots, people are always on the move across different terrains, and to this effect having good shoes is not a luxury but a necessity.

Features to Look For

Select safety toe boots which are slip-resistant, have good ankle support, and have puncture-resistant outsoles. Durability is important since individuals who wear these boots are usually security personnel who may need to wear the boots all day. Materials that allow air to pass through and cushioning will increase comfort and decrease the effects of exhaustion.


Brands like 5. 11 Bates, Danner, and Tactical are among the best manufacturers of tactical boots. These companies are involved in the manufacture of boots suited to the needs of the police forces and security agencies; which require strength, comfort and protection.


Thus, having appropriate riot wear is important in guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of the security forces in the course of implementing the use of force. A helmet combined with a face shield, bulletproof vest, riot shield, protecting gloves and IR-finished shoes is provided as the basis of any riotwear equipment. Here, it is crucial to note that security personnel can opt for the best equipment from some of the highly recognized brands in the markets, ensuring that they can offer the best security and order in the most complex operating environment.

It is therefore important, while selecting riot gear, to note the requirements of the specific situation one is to deal with. Individual adjustment of the equipment to the given need could lead to a significant increase in both convenience and safety. Since the nature of threats is constantly changing, the user should also keep up with the trends in the production of riot control gear. This kind of socialization makes sure that security people are always ready to deal with any incidence in a postured and unyielding manner.

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